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Relationship University's 5 Week Certification Training offers the following comprehensive services that will help to solve that problem.They are: Online (video and audio) training modules spread out over 5 weeks (over 7 hours of training material) Weekly "coaching" assignments Live monthly Q&A Webinar Hosted 1-on-1 phone consultation sessions Members-only website Guaranteed improvement of your Dating IQ Access to our exclusive online dating site Single individuals looking to add value to themselves prior to jumping into a serious relationship Singles who are serious about increasing the odds of their next relationship being their final relationship Individuals who are in a committed relationship but still interested in being free of their past baggage Any single individual serious about learning more about themselves Singles who struggle to date effectively due to poor choices and poor dating habits How you past impacts your relationship habits How to overcome past emotional wounds and past baggage How your family influences the standards that you set for yourself within relationships How to create healthy boundaries around yourself and your relationship How your perception of sex influences your sexual appitite, sexual habits and sexual expression How to recognize your personal passions in life How to live out your life passion How to recognize your love language How to communicate all 5 love languages How love and respect sets the tone for every relationship How to recognize the 4 horsemen to failed relationships How to recognize the 6 warning signs that your past is still present How to conduct yourself during the critical (first 3 months) of your dating relationship How to effectively deal with conflict in your relationship How to effectively communicate in your relationship How to improve your dating IQ..more!Julian Foxx: Julian has helped revolutionize dating and confidence training for men.He has an innate ability to correctly identify the 'dating problems' that are holding clients back, and then provide an effective, personalized solution. A New York native, Jayson is ' The King of Social Proof'.As soon as she’s done that, she’s moved into the male role.They’ve done research on relationships that are initiated by women and they all have a five percent success rate. A woman can fall for a man that she may not be physically attracted to right out of the gate but [she] sees these great qualities of him as a person and as a man and that makes [her] have a stronger connection with him. PK: Bill Gates isn’t really that great-looking a guy.

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PK: You could sum them all up by saying women should not really make the first move. What we don’t recommend is that she do the asking out or moving it forward.

Your relationship will reflect back to you the condition of your heart.

How you choose to accept your reflection will determine the condition of the relationship.

Freshly divorced in the mid-’90s, Jeannine Kaiser found herself falling in love again—for all the wrong reasons.

Rather than live out that soon-to-be-country ballad, she decided to take on a friend’s dare: date 100 men over a year’s time. JK: You’re talking to the woman who got married and engaged on Valentine’s Day.


  1. How to improve your dating IQ.more! We Guarantee It! LinkedIn Training Videos. We're confident that you'll love being a member of Relationship University. So confident that we offer a 15 day 100% money back guarantee for the 5 week certification program. Who Relationship University is Not For? cancel_box_24.

  2. BELIEFS January 18th. SHIFT & HEAL LIFE-LIMITING BELIEFS January 18, 2018 What if the anxiety that drives the addictions or behaviors we struggle with isn't even ours? Participate in an informative, inspiring & interactive evening with Dr. Kulvinder. debbie 2017-11-08T+. RAISE YOUR DATING IQ.

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  4. Julian Foxx Julian has helped revolutionize dating and confidence training for men. He has an innate ability to correctly identify the 'dating problems' that are holding clients back, and then provide an effective, personalized solution. His infield demonstrations are legendary. Jayson A New York native, Jayson is 'The King of.

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