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The new While in the majority of cases the "prefix" of the data/code persistent identifier will be a "doi", we reserve the generic model for edge cases, including "hdl", "ar Xiv", "ark", "purl", "ivoa", "abs", etc. Please check the ar Xiv references in case any of these have been formally published since the manuscript was prepared; if the preprints have not been published, please give the ar Xiv reference number and the journal to which the work has been submitted or is currently in press. Note you can "trick" Bib Te X to use the key for the publisher and avoid manually fixing things, but this is not recommended.If no publication of record is available, preprints may be listed in the reference list with version given. All sources cited in the text and tables must appear in the reference list at the end of the manuscript, and all entries in the reference list must be cited in the manuscript. The new AASTe X 6 Bib Te X style file supports the current reference list style for digital software or data objects in persistent ("DOI") repositories as follows: To illustrate and document this format, we use a corresponding Bib Te X entry taken and modified from a real software publication from our Journals. 1993, The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1994, Vol. Private communications, unpublished works, and articles in preparation should be cited only in the run of text, giving authors' initials and the year if completion is imminent, that is F. Reference entries should be ordered alphabetically, starting with the last name of the first author, followed by the first author's initial(s), and so on for each additional author. Note that all software/data Bib Te X entries should be of the Authors will be queried for missing, incomplete, or incorrect information in the reference list. 2015, dust: Calculate the intensity of dust scattering halos in the X-ray, v1.0, Zenodo, doi:10.5281/zenodo.15991 Software and citable data objects in persistent repositories should include the repository name in addition to the DOI, and the version if appropriate. 2 (2nd ed.; Washington, DC: GPO) Where specific pages of a book are cited, these should be given at the text citation, not in the reference list. 1982, The Bright Star Catalogue (New Haven, CT: Yale Univ. Lab.) Observers' Manual (Pasadena, CA: SSC), Preprints Tobin, J. The AAS Journal's Bib Te X style file, Ideally, both forms of citation should be included; alongside these formal references, authors may also want to include footnote URLs to appropriate code repositories, such as Git Hub, or metadata indices, such as the Astrophysics Source Code Library.

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Obs.) Electronic Newsletters (published only online) Hermoso, D. While the media works itself into a frenzy at every possible hint of a new relationship (when Harry was photographed with his hand on the knee of all but sent a 24-person battalion to Coleman’s flat to stand on watch), and rumors of a reunion with Bonas, or with Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, continue to resurface, there has not been a full-fledged, confirmed “Harry’s New Girlfriend! She’s also committed to humanitarian efforts, becoming a global ambassador for World Vision Canada this year, and presenting at the U. for the Hefor She Gender Equality Campaign in 2014. All possible.— Most intriguingly, Harry reportedly follows Markle on his private Instagram account, and Markle followed him at the end of June (if you think we aren’t spending the rest of the day trying to determine the handle of Harry’s private account, you . (One report claims Kate and William have met Markle, and they “really liked her and she fitted in straight away.”) Markle’s only “comment” so far has been via posting a photo on her Instagram account of two dogs with a “Happy Sunday” caption. Harry and Markle (who was married to production company owner Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013) reportedly met in Toronto in the beginning of May, when Harry was in town for the launch of the 2017 Invictus Games. to remember me by,” he might have said, in a somber, wistful tone, handing the item to her along with a lock of his red hair.) Did he make her a replica? Examples are given here of some of the most common citation formats. Except in rare instances (e.g., Icarus) ADS bibliographic codes on the ADS site should be used for the appropriate refereed journal abbreviations. 1985, CRRES/SPACERAD Instrument Description, Document AFGL-TR-85-0017 (Hanscom, MA: Air Force Geophys. If this were purely a "DOI" field then formal Crossref/Data Cite recommendation includes listing the full URI with scheme (e.g., http), host (e.g., org) and path (e.g., /10.5281/zenodo.15991).For articles with more than five authors, the last name and initials of the first three authors only should be listed, followed by a comma and "et al." References listed as "et al." are grouped together and last, as if the fourth author started with "z"; they are not alphabetized by the name of the actual fourth author. It is especially important that authors recheck reference lists after each revision of the text, to be certain that all references cited in the text are in the reference list, and all references given in the reference list are cited. Article or Chapter in an Edited Collection Huchra, J. Multiple entries for one author or one group of authors should be ordered chronologically, and multiple entries for the same year should be distinguished by appending sequential lower-case letters to the year, even if the author groups are not identical: e.g., Smith, E., Rowe, T., & Jones, A. Authors should also check preprint listings, such as ar Xiv postings, to see if the preprint has been published, or submitted for publication, since the initial preparation of the manuscript. Electronic catalogs, databases, observers' guides, instrument documentation, electronic conference proceedings, electronic journals, and other stable (non-changing) documents available online should be listed in the reference list in the same manner as other references. These should give the author(s) or authoring agency, title of the document, location and name of the hosting organization (e.g., Pasadena, CA: JPL), version consulted if any, page or document number if any, and the URL or persistent identifier (see examples below).


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