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I need to continue to update those tables on an on-going basis.

As a result, I created a startup form that had a control to backup the database and another control to run the macros to update the accounting tables.", _ vb OKOnly vb Critical, "Error: User Not Authorized" Exit DB End If Forms("Switchboard").

If you spend a few minutes looking around this car you too will get the sense that everything that has been done to it has been done for a very specific reason, for a purpose, with intent.

When I was asking Nicholas to tell me a little bit about his car, I expected a brief spec list and maybe a funny story; this is what he opened with; “…a purity of execution, wrapped in an emotional and spontaneous style…” “This is how Julian Thomson summed up his design of the original S1 Lotus Elise, the car you have here.

This quote is on a canvas of one of his original design drawings, taking pride of place in my living room.

All bolted onto an aluminium frame, with a glass fibre body shell on top. Because it is so light, there is no need for rock hard suspension to control it. Down your average B-road, it just floats over bumps and lumps.

The whole thing weighs only around 700kg, and you can tell.” “It is very adjustable as well. Nothing fancy; easily adjusted any which way you like. Even on track there is compliance enough to ride curbs without any bother.


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