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Validating web site

The final requirement was to detect business validation errors and record them.

So, we can use my custom built function from earlier to create rules that look for business errors and add nodes to the message itself which outline the error details.

It was designed to provide data for the acquisition of acoustic-phonetic knowledge and to support the development and evaluation of automatic speech recognition systems.

Like the Brown Corpus, which displays a balanced selection of text genres and sources, TIMIT includes a balanced selection of dialects, speakers, and materials.

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In the rule below, I say that if the value in the XML message equals a value from the database, and another value also equals a value from the database, then set the XML node (Investigator Name) equal to another column in the database.

Before answering “of course it can”, I figured I’d quickly roll up my sleeves and prove that the BRE can do those things fairly easily. This started with a Biz Talk XSD schema to represent the data coming into the BRE.

In this scenario, the content is actually metadata about a physical file that arrives into the company.

I am getting an error saying "AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials.

AADSTS50012: Invalid client secret is provided." Now, I am sure, that the secret which I used in the code is not matching with the one used in my AAD app registration.


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