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And yes, skill is very important yet if paired with a great weapon, it can make you unbeatable.

Read on to discover the best knives to use in a combat situation.

The spring-assisted opening allows me to flip the knife open in milliseconds, which is quite impressive. The profiles are still the same with the HR-30 – titanium-coated steel blade, high quality 440C steel, and the same spring-assisted mechanism.

Unlike the HR-15, the HR-30 has a notched blade which makes it easy for cutting and slicing through the toughest materials. What makes them different is that the HR-15 has a 300-lb Cord Tie and Glass Breaker. The Gerber Mark II is a beautiful little dagger designed by a WWII veteran Captain Bud Holzman.

The probability that the tiger was from animal bone trading in 10th and 12th century Philippines is nil, considering that the bones were articulated and with no evidence of human modification.

They suggest that “the skeletal elements found in Ille represent the remains of an individual either hunted or scavenged in the environments around the cave.” They explained that “the remains of large mammals, particularly top predators that are naturally scarce in ecological communities are generally (but not always) rare in Late Pleistocene archaeozoological accumulations.” The tiger, was “a member of the Middle Pleistocene ‘megafauna’ which once roamed the open woodland and savanna environments of the Sunda shelf about 900,000 yr ago and still inhabits the island of Sumatra today.” Piper et al said that the tigers may have “first entered Palawan from Borneo and established a population in the Middle Pleistocene some 620 ka or 420 ka during periods when the expansion of the polar ice sheets reduced relative sea levels to their lowest at ca.

The authors concluded that The eventual extinction of the tiger on Palawan was probably a consequence of the isolation of a small population, vast reduction in habitat, diminishing food resources and possibly predation by people.

The Spyderco Fred Perrin is an outstanding tactical knife, which is extremely lightweight, weighing at 6 ounces. It has a non-reflective ceramic coating and great for tactical situations.

The Benchmade Contego’s blade is 3.9 inches long and a tip that can handle a lot of stabbing and piercing.

If a blade is capable of these tasks, then it sure is capable of piercing or slicing through an opponent in a combat situation.

However, if you wanna use the blade, what’s important is it doesn’t fail you especially if it means survival.


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