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), nothing, absolutely nothing, has truly contributed to the sexual well-being of individuals and society.

Many of today's sex therapists were yesterdays' drop-outs.

- See A Sex Therapist The Cost Of Sex Therapy Gone To The Dogs Penis Dimension UNDERSTANDING OUR HIGHER SEXUAL NATURE In A Nutshell Ejaculation Is Not Orgasm Falling In And Out Of Love Honour Thy Mother And Father Sex, Drugs And Rock ' N Roll Romeo' s True Love Story Ejaculation Control The Key To Female Orgasm Taoist Secrets Of Sexual Love Sexual Psychology Of The Tao Of Love Sexual Love For Health And Longevity Sexual Healing Demystifying Secretive Esoteric Jargon 'Pillow Books'. Mind Control Ejaculation Control - The Key To Female Orgasm Explanatory Notes Tactile Loving - Orgasm Etiquette Heart And Mind In Loving Sex Regulating Ejaculation Self Realization Of The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy THE WAY OF SEXUAL ECSTASY Advanced Level : 'Cooking Female Orgasm' Healing Clitoral Conditioned Orgasm Understanding The Nature Of Female Orgasm Energy Essential Points For Cooking Female Orgasm A Birds Eye View Of Fulfilling Sexual Love Post Mortem An Invitation To Readers Dear reader, this is not yet another 'how to be a better lover' guide, which makes empty promises.

History And Origins Of The Ancient Sex Manuals The Rise And Fall Of The Tao Of Love In Chinese Civilization An Introduction To The Ancient Texts Of The Tao Of Love Masters Sexual Conservationists - The Ecology Of Ejaculation Control Explanatory Notes On The Yin-Yang Principle Ejaculation Control As Practiced By The Ancient Emperors Of China ' Locking The Gate Of The Immortals' Love Muscles Ejaculation Control - The Essential Information The Locking Method : Level 1. Today's 'Better Sex' industry is fraudulently palmed off as an education for men and women, but in reality, only serves to titillate an already frustrated public; and does little more than teach ordinary people how to suck eggs!

The great fault of other sex publications, that refer to esoteric traditions, is that they swamp the reader with supernatural knowledge that is of special interest to only a select few - usually cranks!

Especially so, when pure doctrines are polluted by the mystic bias of modern authors.

Genuine and effective sex education is a vital prerequisite for safe sexual love relationships, and I see no contradiction between orgasmic genital gratification and decency.

However, I do not naively assume that the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy will provide an over-night cure for the international phenomena of sexual decadence.

To call oneself a Taoist (which I am not) is not only an elitist ego trip, it is also a contradiction in terms.What began in the 60's as youthful indiscretion, has transformed into a vulgar money-spinning industry.As for Tantric esoteric sex, this Manual is a thinly disguised mish-mash of other previously written books on the Tao of this, that or the other.Ejaculation Control - The Key to Female Orgasm will be of highly practical benefit to you; without having to chant nonsense 'Mantras', burn cheap incense or wear oddball items of clothing, in a vain attempt to grasp at some form of illusionary identity.Fulfilling sexual love is a deadly serious subject and deserves an appropriate attitude.Potent knowledge is required if it is to be appreciated in it's true light.The elusive dream of men and women, sought throughout the ages, even to this present day.This Manual provides genuine and practical know-how for achieving orgasmically satisfying sex - for men and women.While sex therapists and doctors of psychosexual medicine 'get off on their sexual Noah's Ark theology, (what ever your perversion, we can find someone just like you!Thanks to our so-called sexually liberated culture, there is an abundance of puerile Joy of Sex style publications that profess to inform us on all we need to know about a 'good sex-life', etc.Sex education videos ranging from the pathetically infantile to the indecently misleading are also freely available to all and sundry.


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