Updating nero 6

When you see the Dell BIOS Splash Screen, hit F2 and set the boot order so that the CDROM is first in line.

Save the change to the BIOS and exit the BIOS Setup.

The one thing I have found that is a real pain with Nero though is the incredibly slow download times experienced from their servers.

Howie is correct in that it seems every time an update has been rolled out, users must redownload an entire 150-200mgb file, after which the previous version is uninstalled and the new update version applied.

If you use Nero 8 Ultra, have you tried using the internal update mechanism to simply download the required updates?

This is critical to creating a working bootable CD.Took me over half an hour for the whole process this morning, and I've got a pretty fast internet conection and PC. Like others I find the Nero update process to be unwieldy at best.I finally decided to move to third party hacks, namely Nero Lite and Nero Micro. Of course these are not supported by Nero, but they are supported by the author.The "Format Description" should read: This file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files.Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then run (double-click) it to unzip the set of files.I would not suggest using F12 unless you are sure how your BIOS update takes place.Some of the updates automatically reboots the computer to finish the BIOS update.Most Dell Forum users recommend to use ONLY the Floppy disk method of updating the BIOS. If you have access to another computer that has a floppy disk, you can create a bootable CD with the BIOS update on it and use it to flash the BIOS. This is becoming a bigger problem since Dell does not include the floppy disk standard on the newer notebook models and people are trying to save money by not ordering the optional USB floppy disk.I am going to assume that this computer does not have a CD burner and will create the ISO image file. Step 10 If you are burning the image directly to a CD, you will not see this dialog. Select the folder that you want to save this image file to and name it.Select "Save as type" to be ISO Image Files (*.iso).


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