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Traditional dating etiquette

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I expect all humans to be polite, men and women and --yes-- even children.

Many men hold the first door and allow me to enter first, but if there is an inner door, I will then hold THAT one for him.--I'm not sure what the "initial courting" means, but it takes two to tango.

And pretty much until such time as a relationship became quite serious, traditional dating patterns were followed. All of us( me and my siblings) went on to marry, AND work outside the home, contributing significantly to the finances of our households.

While I wasn't closely involved, I'm fairly certain my brother followed traditional patterns when dating the woman who is now my sister-in-law.

But things have changed sooo much even since the 1960's...Gays can now get married in many places. Gender role expectations are all over the map nowadays, but there are some biological instinctual expectations most people inherently have.

Since there seem to be a significant amount of confusion regarding this question I will help to clarify: If a man adhere to traditional dating tenets as defined above, does he also generally speaking believe in traditional gender roles (as defined above).

When I and my sisters were teenagers/young women still living under our parent's roof, our dates came to the door, came in the house, met the parents..of this driving up and honking the horn crap.Of course, there is a multitude of answers as there is a multitude of people, but what have you folks experienced in the real world? People have all different kinds of relationships...I've known Southern Belles who got Master's degrees and earn six figures...As such, what are your thoughts in regards to this thesis? Traditional dating values would include:a) The man asking the woman out. c) The man adhere to chivalry tenets and believes (open doors, send roses etc). Traditional values are embedded in mostly the older generation or those with anachronistic views and are based around men being the provider. My daughter attends a Christian school and has taken cotillion classes.Are men with traditional dating etiquette more prone to adhere and believe in traditional gender roles as well? Firstly it would surprise me greatly if 80% of women adhere to old traditional values. d) The man is primarily responsible for the initial courting rituals etc. a) The man is the primary breadwinner and head of household. I think we've all moved on mostly from this now and whilst some traditions are good, I like women asking me out, I like that they might suggest something they would like to do/place to go, I especially like that they may even decide to pay their way. By and large, the women I date are pretty traditional too. If I've done my job, she'll grow up a southern belle and hold those same values too...I am a very private person, and as such, respect other people's privacy.Unless a man tells me specifically that he would like me to call him, I probably will not do it."""""Go to the thread "a date from hell" and you will quickly discover that those numbers are substantiated. Its whether or not traditional dating etiquette translates into gender role expectations. I believe there is from what I've seen but I might be wrong."""Is whether traditional dating etiquette translates into gender role expectations???In general though, sure, I'll go along with your position...If I date a woman with traditional values, then sure, the relationship will probably wind up being pretty traditional too.


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