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Sheffield Eagles start their delayed home campaign on March 4 against London Broncos, and have confirmed that season ticket sales have surpassed their total from their days at Wakefield, and are up on what they achieved during their stay at Bawtry Road in 2016.

Angry Al Baxter (big man, good bloke) helped me understand how he trains, but after I’d talked to him for Alpha magazine in 2009, he never played for the Wallabies again.

But it’s fairly easy to stay motivated, especially if you see other players in your position.

It’s just competitive spirit, it’s what I’ve always done.

“If you’re carrying heavy weights in an upright position above your centre of gravity, the risk of injury is higher.

The big danger is putting your back out, and you can also do your knees in the squat, your ankles.” If you’re not sure, get instruction, and spotters.

Push your hips forward at the same time as doing a basic shrug.

Try three reps at 90 per cent of your maximum weight. It’s a power exercise, and uses similar muscles to the squat, but has an explosive element to it.

They can be adapted for your needs and used as part of other work-outs.

But, as Baxter says, with heavier weights, it’s especially important to get them right.

The squat is a key exercise and gives you good quad strength and hammy strength, the main drivers in scrummaging, line-outs running with the ball, any contacts, we use those muscle groups.

Your weight is on your heels, back is straight, head neutral and chest out.


  1. Train Like a Rugby Prop The curse of Ivan strikes again. Angry Al Baxter big man, good bloke helped me understand how he trains, but after I’d talked to him for.

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