Short guys and dating

And I appreciated a different one's honest response after I disclosed the truth: "If you are actually that height [5'4"] then I probably wouldn't be attracted to you." She was attracted to me at first, at least enough to type 126 words in her first reply.

And nothing changed besides the knowledge that I was shorter.

Short guys can be masters at improving ourselves to counteract our vertical disadvantage, but unlike most other physical attributes, height can't be changed.

Our remaining survival mechanisms are moving to Asia or turning gay.

The Social Experiment I increased my height on Ok Cupid to 5'9", just below the American adult male average.

I retained my profile description -- a combination of goofy humor and honest responses.

Before the change, 16 percent, or five out of 31 women, replied.

Of those five, two of the women were clearly just being polite: one response was 17 words and the other 26; neither contained a follow-up question; and neither woman replied to my next message. After the height change, 29 percent, or nine out of 31 women, replied, which is the average response rate given my gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

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I messaged young women based on the same parameters as before: I have a base attraction to her; she has been online within the last few months; her profile is at least partially complete; and her height is 5'6" or less (to prevent me from wasting my time and not because I have an aversion to taller women).

We are upset about paying the same amount for clothing that requires far less material than for taller guys' apparel.

In rebellion, we buy children's extra large underwear, which costs less.

Girls are curious why other guys rub our head and backside for luck, and they give us attention unrelated to helicopters.

These would be our prime years if we understood how alcohol works.


  1. Ladies, give these short guys a chance, please. When my clients start dating someone new, I couldn’t care less about what the individual looks like.

  2. Nov 09, 2013 The only way short guys survive is by knowing that we live longer and can weave through Costco aisles faster than our taller, wealthier, calmer, happi.

  3. Dating Tips For Short Men. March 16, 2015 by Dr. NerdLove. Yes, be honest about your height but I think real life dating is a better bet for short guys.

  4. Lots of hetero people are hung up on height when it comes to dating. Men, it is assumed, are supposed to be slightly taller than women average heights in America.

  5. The 5 Best Dating Tips for Short Guys Don’t let your height hold you back. Use these simple strategies to impress every woman you meet By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal.

  6. Would you date a shorter guy? We asked women around the internet what they think about dating short men.

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