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Sexy video chat with chatbots

You can order by texting, tweeting, voice, or even from your car.Domino's was one of the early adopters of chatbots.Today, Domino's lets you easily build a new pizza (or reorder your favorite pizza) and track your order all from Facebook Messenger.Many consumers know they want to buy some shoes, but might not have a particular item in mind.Kayak's chatbot even lets you book your flights and hotels entirely from inside Facebook Messenger.Once you're all booked, there are other chatbots that will let you track current flights, wait times, delays, and more. Much like the product recommendation chatbots, restaurant chatbots can provide recommendations based on cuisine, location, and price range.

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Others will let you search for and compare flights based on price and location.The goal of these customer support chatbots is to quickly provide answers and address customer complaints, or simply track the status of an order. Most are pretty basic, though a few are designed to be a bit more fun.You can use these to ask about the current conditions in your area and find out whether you should bring the umbrella before you leave for work.Chatbots help you stay up to date on the news or topics that matters to you. Some chatbots will even make reservations for you or take your order online.You can get the latest headlines from mainstream media sources like CNN, Fox News, or the Guardian. Instead of swiping left or right on an app, you could use Foxsy. These are just 11 examples of how businesses are already using chatbots.Larry Kim is the CEO of Mobile Monkey, a chatbot building platform for marketers that enables mobile messaging between businesses and customers via Facebook Messenger.He’s also the founder of Word Stream, the World’s top PPC marketing software company.And maybe even ask me, would you like four tickets to any of these?It will also be present in their coming competitor to Amazon Echo.Some bots allow you to set regular reminders for a certain time of day.Chatbots make it easy to make trades, get notifications about stock market trends, track your personal finances, or even get help finding a mortgage.


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