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It was only later, when the team were investigating the tracks further afield, did they come across a Templar connection.

It appears that the Templar Knights, whose movement was at its height well before Chretien wrote his Grail story, had come across some earlier legends that described similar powers that the later writers had added.

It appears that with newly found knowledge in tunnels under Jersualem, the Knights had set out to find a sacred location where these powers were said to be the most powerful of them all.

In this book, these powers are shown to have a common theme that connects them with earlier Celtic, Persian, Indian and Chinese legends.

In his story the Grail is just a dish and a dish that has no magical qualities at all.

It is only in the later continuations and variations of the story by later writers, that the Grail becomes another object like a Cup, a Stone and an invisible changing shape, and it is these objects that have now been given either holy powers or special magical properties.


  1. Previous Academy participants will be accepted in order of application date after qualified first-time applicants have been admitted. Rebecca Luker, The Secret Garden, Stephanie J. Block Wicked, Bryce Pinkham The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, and Aaron Lazar The Light in the Piazza; television writer.

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