Regsvr32 not updating registry

But when Jennifer was not talking by 18 months, Young sought other opinions. Jennifer was 2,5 years old before she got an auditory brain-stem response (ABR) test in which clicking sounds sent through earphones are measured in the brain.This exam showed that Jennifer was moderately hearing impaired after all.

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The experience with Jennifer led the Young family to suspect that their second child, Elise, also had a hearing impairment. When Elise passed the ringing-bell test and another type of hearing exam, their pediatrician said that an ABR test wasn’t necessary. A year later, Elise got an ABR and was found to be more hard-of-hearing than her sister.

“From birth until about the age of six months, all babies coo, gurgle and make vocalization sounds,” says Robert C. Megerian of the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Centre stresses that “even children who have moderately severe hearing loss may hear loud sounds.” Vibration or motion – like that of a moving hand in the bell-ringing test-may also cause hearing-impaired infants to react.

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  1. Responses to “Sony Ericsson’s lousy Update Service software” Matt Trebilco Says April 6, 2006 at pm Reply. Hi there! Great article!

  2. Jan 31, 2008 Using regsvr32 Hi. can this cause any registry. If it is an application that you are making and you keep updating things I think it would be.

  3. Self-register and REGSVR32 not updating path? Hi there. it's almost like REGSVR32 doesn't update the path information to the registry.

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  5. On my computer it is not updating. In the log file I get. regsvr32 /u /s "%PROGRAMFILES%\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus. ECHO Removing the Sophos Registry Keys.

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