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Recovering addicts dating website

As noted above, this is something we’ve talked about before.

But for those who may have missed that article, we really think it’s important why recovering addicts understand the theory that dating within the first year of recovery can be dangerous.

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Consider these same questions when you are writing out the negatives.Since many of the problems with dating in recovery stem from our own character defects, you will need to take stock of these to the best of your abilities.You will want to know what has worked for you in previous relationships, what hasn’t worked, and how you were at fault for any romantic failings you have experienced.People have some widely differing opinions on the issue of dating in recovery.The common belief, however, is that those who are recovering from addiction and alcoholism should not date within the first year.We hear many people in early recovery mention their need to find a mate.Many of us have felt the same way when in early recovery.What’s important to remember is that we are not the only ones affected by this. To help prevent this from happening, we need to decide from the very beginning what they should know about us.When you do decide to drop the truth bomb, you owe it to them to let them know how long you’ve been sober.We learn how to better recognize our own flaws, how to accept those of others, and how to make amends when clashing personalities have led us to experience issues in our interpersonal communications.We also learn to stop seeking immediate gratification, but the gratification of having sex too early can get in the way of that.


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