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Perform custom stress tests to gauge how your portfolio will respond to the next major market event.

Tracking error Enrich your investment strategy by understanding the risk factors that affect your portfolio versus a benchmark.

Your request will be directed to a Global Portfolio Integration team member who will contact you to begin the process.

Download file as PDF Whilst the sums levied in respect of business rates are often fairly modest, for larger businesses and their properties (known as hereditaments) e.g.

This article has been amended to take account of a correction.

Businesses with offices in England and Wales are facing a £4.5 billion tax rise over the next five years, even before the full impact of the contentious staircase tax is taken into account.

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Trade Simulation Analyze how your portfolio’s characteristics and risk structure would change based on your potential trades.

Quickly evaluate potential trades or edit existing positions by using the Trade Simulation functionality, which is fully integrated in PORT.

Leverage Bloomberg’s comprehensive terms and conditions database to incorporate new instruments and assess their impact in Trade Simulation mode.

Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution for investment professionals empowers you with the tools required to successfully implement optimal investment portfolio strategies.

Our platform will help you make quicker, more informed decisions by enabling you to easily and accurately measure portfolio risk and return.


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