Measuring 4.8cm in length, at the bottom of each earring, the long drop sections move independently and give the earrings such a fluid style to them.Perfect for day or night, there is no doubt that these lovely earrings will continue to be loved and admired.( Click here for an article on pique jewellery: ) On the top ball there is a ball design that leads down to the main section which is just exquisite and full of detail.Every side has been given the most wonderful attention from the front to the sides and the detail is nothing short of extraordinary.Set in the centre is a pearl that highlights the design so well and with such an elegant style makes these antique earrings destined to always be admired.In wonderful condition, these antique earrings are just gorgeous. Dating from the Victorian era of the 1870's come these divine antique amethyst drop earrings that are destined to always be loved, admired and appreciated for their fine beauty and quality.Hand made in 18ct yellow gold and platinum, these earrings date from the 1920's and are each set with eleven rose cut diamonds and one European cut diamond in the centre as well as two triangular cut sapphires.

Fitted on very secure lever back fittings, these Art Deco sapphire and diamond earrings are just perfect for any time of the day or night. Here are a stunning pair of antique pique drop earrings from the 1870's that will continue to look so divine when worn from the day into the evening and will always be admired every time that they are worn.

From all angles, these are such a spectacular pair of genuine Art Deco ruby and diamond earrings that will always be loved and admired.

Stock# ES7351 Circa: 1920 $Sold Perfect for day or night, these Art Deco sapphire and diamond earrings will delight all who see them and always get the admiration that they deserve.

And the quality of carving for each of these earrings is nothing short of spectacular.

The detail in each is captivating from their faces to the detail in the hair and there is no doubt that this was carved by a master carver.


  1. Here are such a magnificent and elegant pair of Art Deco diamond earrings in gold and platinum dating from the 1920's and look as beautiful today as when they were made nearly a century ago. Exquisitely hand made in a cluster design, the outer border of diamonds seem to have gorgeous flowing look to them that will.

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