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It reappears after every 25 years from when it first finished.Sade Sati Influence While it is true that during this 7-1/2 years Saturn transit period people do experience some tensions and troubles, it is nothing to be scared about.trying to make you work very hard by creating obstacles, then it should probably be left untouched as its doing it for your own betterment.However if you feel that your life is really going through hell, you must consult a competent astrologer before applying any remedy.Third Cycle During the Third Cycle when Saturn transits in the 2nd house from Moon, It affects one’s health, children and may even cause death if it come in late life . It may cause Loss of money, heavy expenditure, loss of health, unhappy domestic life (aspect on 4th house), mental distress, loss of wealth, increase in enemies, physical distress, quarrels with relatives and friends, lots of grief, all sorts of sufferings.You can check which cycle(if at all) you are going throgh by clicking here.Even while giving some troubles and tensions, it does not deny you success.As a matter of fact a number of people prosper to new heights during this period.

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Being in the fist house it denotes ill health for the native.

Sade Sati is a very dreadful word for the common masses.

When, Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon (where one’s Moon is placed in the birth chart), this is termed Sade satti.

Because of 7th aspect on 6th house it can cause some debt.

And finally because of 10th aspect on 9th house, it can bring down the general fortune of the native and can also cause setbacks to the father of native.


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