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However, during the day while at school Michael progressed through the music program, which allowed him to become a well-rounded drummer.

He was immersed in several styles of music, including Classical Concert pieces as well as your typical Football Fight songs.

I also applied a black pinstripe to cover the old pink one(money well spent).

I would hope the decal supplier gave you instructions on the proper application of the decals.

A local group of musicians was assembled and put together with a few out-of-towners, thus making up the band Pipeline.

Of course he jumped at the chance to buy it and got the money from his parents to do just that.

It was at this time he met his second drum instructor, Greg Trabandt (Proprietor of RVP Studios in CT).

Michael's biggest leap forward as a drummer took place at this time; not only in his playing, but also in opportunities that began to present themselves.

thinking about how some of the stars would look going down the side What are your opnions? I do like the Prostar decal in the transom .....is one clean looking boat you have there...!! You can try and take a small pin and poke a small hole in and then squeeze the air out towards the hole you just made.

I think that with these upgrades the boat looks many years newer. Before That turned out very nice..black stripe sure did the trick....!! IMO stars are out of the question....might be nice, but unnecessary.....


  1. Play hi-fi Love My Way. Mikey G's in da muthaf***in house. Got Da Streets Attention Released March of 2006. Militant Til Da Day I Die Release Date - Early 2007. Why this name? Mikey G - Well its just my name what people have been callin me for years WhiteWallstreet - if i told ya i might have a chance of gettin locked up.

  2. CHESS The Musical. This highly acclaimed rock musical develops the ancient and distinguished game of chess into a metaphor of romantic rivalries and East - West political intrigue. The principal pawns of a love triangle the loutish American grandmaster, the earnest Russian champion and the Hungarian - American.

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