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Married dating in newberry south carolina

It was very emotional for me also, as I remember these songs playing of our stereo as a child. I hope we can see you again next year in Lexington, MI.Please let me know if you perform in our area again.Glenn Miller has inspired him to learn the trombone and he has developed a real passion for music.Both of us had a wonderful time and your talents are off the charts. I went with friends to the recent Concert in Newcastle NSW on 24th Sept 2017, thought the band was great however, the concert was lacking something.I saw your show last night at the (Dixie) Hal Holbrook theater in Huntingdon, Tn. My youngest son who is in his 40’s went with me and he loved it. I hope someday you will come back close enough so that I can see you again. I would not have considered myself to be a Big Band fan …I don’t think he realized how great the big band sound really was until her heard it in person. You really put on a great show every single person there loved it. Thanks for keeping the greatest music on earth alive and well. the tickets were bought more with my mother and husband in mind. Thank you for the awesome music, musicians and singers. Would love to see GMO in Brookings Oregon, first city in Oregon on Hwy 101 with a beatiful outdoor venue. My wife found the concert date listed in the AJC near us and we went on her 31st birthday. Really great music and singing, but have to give special kudos to Nick Hilscher for directing enthusiasm.The personnel in this band is the best group of all. This group would rival any swing band that has ever taken the stage and I’ve seen many. Saw the Orchestra perform this week in The Villages and was blown away. It was a beautiful, romantic piece with a very slow tempo and lots of feeling. I think it was two words, I think the second word in the title was “mood”, but not sure. Both Bands are excited about seeing the Miller Band.The performance was so well done, I can’t wait to see and experience them again. Would love to find the music…..9TGHi, we are in Palm Beach Gardens and saw your band advertised. This will be my 19 time seeing the Band, and it NEVER gets old.

I just loved his interpretation of “Serenade in Blue.” Please record this beautiful song on your next CD, Neil. I grew up listening to the big bands because of my daddy but Glenn Miller was always my favorite. I think Moonlight Serenade is the most beautiful piece of music ever written.Can you email me her name and does she have any recordings available? He is forgetful at times but remembers every word to the songs.Just want to thank everyone concerned for such a wonderful afternoon of music at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. I saw him sobbing with joy 3 times during the show.I am here with my family and my dad in particular who played with the Glenn Miller band during the war. I guess you could say, the wife and I LOVE the sound of Glenn Miller.Thank YOU Nick so much for your energy and incredible performances.It was a very exciting and inspirational experience and I will be definitely be attending another one soon 🙂It was a real treat listening to your performance on Sept. It brought back memories of that big band sound in the 30’s & 40’s. Best wishes and much continued success.performance. He has always been a big fan of Glenn Miller and Jimmy Dorsey.I especially enjoyed the female vocalist that night. Please keep on playing.[/one_half]We saw your lovely lady in red at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman. And thank you, too, for the addition of similar music to Glenn Miller. We’re hoping you’ll come to Billings, Montana soon. He was overwhelmed with your performance and his memories.I never thought I would get to hear The Glenn Miller Orchestra and it was something I had wished for all my life. Thank you Last night was the 7th time of seeing the band live. The new band members are already so tight with the arrangements, it was wonderful. Also, a special thanks for mentioning my wife Betty and I along with my old USAF crew. The GMO truly IS America, the way all of us remember it. Have a great time at Naval Aviation Museum tonight. GMO should also be able to find some wonderful venues along northern California into Oregon on Hwy 101. The orchestra performs this music 15 times a month, but each night is new for the audience.All the shows have been great but last night was absolutely fantastic. Since I was a kid I’ve been a big fan of The Glenn Miller Orchestra. Question: you played a piece that had not been recorded by Glenn Miller, but was recorded in a radio broadcast.We felt that there could have at least been a backdrop curtain with for example stars or stars and stripes anything to dress it up a bit.The dancers and singers could have had spot lights on them as could the soloists in the band but there was nothing – all in all the MC/conductor and the stage appeared dull and lackluster. Hello, I am reaching out because I found your website because of my music appreciation class and I’m interested in the Orchestra.


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