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But for Million Dollar Listing: LA fans, he doesn't have to be on the show for us to wish him another great few months and the best guy out there.

— but in last night’s episode, Madison Hildebrand, the show’s most appealing character, decided to come out. Asked to participate in Adam Bourska’s NOH8 photo shoot, Madison is inspired to reflect on his personal life.

But it seems that whether Madison has found a new boyfriend and is keeping him on the DL or is still waiting for that perfect guy, he's had an amazing summer that will make you jealous.

It seems Madison wanted to end his summer with the most random Labor Day ever, by hanging out with Barney and Spongebob. If this summer proved anything, it's that Madison is more than content to spend time with his family and his dog, who is 1000x cuter than any BF would be.

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It sounds like Madison is back on the market, but he may not be ready to jump into a relationship.On the season of that just ended, Hildebrand announced that he was returning with a boyfriend in hand.While Madison has tried to date before, this one appeared to be a great man for him.While filming the show last year, Madison made sure to introduce him to his family and asked his young boyfriend, Cody, to move in with him.Everything appeared to be going well with them, but it sounds like the relationship fell apart last month.Like Patti Stanger said, he can't be a "lazy lion" and expect all the men to come to him.He's too busy for the perfect man to fall into his lap.Every corner of the city has gorgeous misses of, inspiration, art, character, and life. Me and my man are Cowboys and we're going horseback riding A post shared by Madison Hildebrand (@madisonmalibu) on star was actually mocked by his co-stars for having a much younger boyfriend.It wasn’t something that Madison Hildebrand focused on during the season, as he simply mentioned that he was indeed dating a much younger man but that he was happy. When we interviewed Madison back in 2008, he defined his sexuality as being polyamorous, saying he was interested in both men and women: …the word I have chosen to use as far as sexuality goes is polyamorous, and I am really trying to stay away from being in one particular category one way or the other. I suspect Madison really meant bisexuality as on the show he’s never discussed seeing more than one person. Either way it doesn’t matter as all that changed on last night’s episode. Technically, polyamory is having intimate relationships with more than one person at a time with all involved being aware of the others.


  1. Madison Hildebrand is back on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in more of a full-time capacity for season 10. After being a way for a bit, making a few cameos and.

  2. Madison hildebrand dating? Madison Hildebrand Net Worth is $12 Million. Madison Hildebrand is an American realtor and media personality; he has a net worth of $12.

  3. Bravo's Million Dollar Listing falls somewhere between the network's best shows — Top Chef, the old Project Runway — and their worst — NYC Prep.

  4. LOS ANGELES LALATE - Madison Hildebrand has a boyfriend 2013 on the new season of Million Dollar Listing, so implies Bravo this week. But who is Madison.

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