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Regarding porno, I am sure she does not need to make any porno movie, since, if she wanted to follow that field she could do it earlier ,and, frankly speaking, it would be only a stupid choice.

I also respect porno actresses , but, lately, most porno material gross me out because of too many exasperations, though, of course, tastes aren't a matter of opinionsto magnitudo: Yes, very few models can pose like she does, so fresh, natural and pure.

I don't subscribe to porn sites because there's enough free material on the web to last forever.

But I subscribe to Milena's site, because if you want posing and the conveying of beauty and grace that Milena can deliver, then galleries like A.

); I think it would be a brave act of saying, "Here I am! " (Of course, photoshop will hide the scar for the galleries.) Many fans adore you, Lotus Flower! But you can't conclusively say that it IS a C Section scar unless you know it (another way, 4 3 = 7 but that's not the only way to come up with 7).

I know a number of things can cause change in breast size in shape the biggest 2 being pregnancy or weight fluctuation.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Whether soft or explicit, a master photographer and a beautiful model create art made in heaven.Milena was and is fortunate to have fine photographers. And no, I don't think she'll ever distort her looks with boob jobs, plastic surgery, etc.She doesn't seem to be that type of , I totally get on with you : only a few models can pose like Milena uses to do.As far I am concerned she represents the classical slavonic beauty : i.e.In photo sets it gets photoshoped, but in videos she doesn't get completly naked anymore.And thats a pitty because, scar or not, she's a goddess.I think it is a C Section scar but I don't know her so can't say.But, other than that, damn, she's cute as hell!!!!


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