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A pert flippancy re- places Sir Thomas's majestic eccentricity ; the slang of the coffee-house makes what poor substitute it can for the curious slang of the study ; the facile familiarity of the journal comes forth a bitter contrast with the balanced gravity of scholarship. HENLEY XXVI RABELAIS GARGANTUA AND PANTAGRUEL TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY SIR THOMAS URQUHART AND PETER LE MOTTEUX ANNI8 1653-1694 With Introductions by CHARLES WHIBLEY VOLUME III LONDON Published by DAVID NUTT At the Sign of the Phoenix LONG ACRE 1900 Edinburgh : T. CONSTABLE, Printers to Her Majesty TO MARCEL SCHWOB ARTIST IN THE LANGUAGE AND THE SLANG OF FRAVCK SCHOLAR IN MANY TONGUES STUDENT AND HISTORIAN OF FRANCIS VILLON THIS FRENCHMAN'S ENGLISHING OF AN AMAZING AND IMMORTAL ANCESTOR July 1900 INTRODUCTION f Differences O turn from Urquhart to Motteux is to travel at a page from the old world to the new, to exchange the fastness of Cromarty for the tobacco and the spilt wine of the tavern. 126 CHAPTER XXVIII How Pantagruel related a very sad Story of the Death of the Hero's . His ex- periments in comic rhetoric are yet more deplorable. Stephen's loaves 1 is but a mean jest ; and in one passage, when he should have written ' at dawn, 1 he is inspired by Butler, whose Hudibras deserved a better fate Hudibras than the imitation of such witcatchers as Motteux, to the following flight of fancy : ' When day, peeping in the East, * made the Sky turn from Black to Red, like a boiling d xxv False Fire and False Taste DR. FRANCIS RABELAIS INTRO- ' Lobster/ l To Hudibras the monstrous image is appro- DUCTION p r i a t e enough ; it is wholly out of sympathy with Rabelais' epic style.

The Protestants of Rouen, no doubt, made good their escape without too grave a risk of death or torture. .67 CHAPTER VI How the Fray being over, Panurge cheapened one of Dingdong's Sheep ....... In the beginning, London courteous aid I owe to the intervention of Mr. Lemoyne (pasteur de Rirevolly) le fils ' d'Anthoine Le Motteux et de Isabeau Le Nud, n le jour susdit, dont ' le parrain Pierre Le Nud et marraine Judith Fourgon vefve de deffunct ' Le"on Le Motteux, et nomme Pierre-Anthoine.' This document, of course, removes all doubt. FRANCIS RABELAIS INTRO- no doubt, he followed the traditional trade of his family ; and it is more than likely that he sought the protection of an uncle, already established in the city. .64 3 THE TABLE OF CHAPTER V PAGE How Pantagruel met a Ship with Passengers returning from Lantern-Land . But, foreigner though he was, he very soon ' commenced author,' as he would have said himself; and, in 1692, he was already the The Gentle- editor of The Gentlemaii's Journal, a magazine composed man's Journal upon the model of k Mercure gallant, and in England the first of its kind. Thus it is that Motteux, closely as in general he adheres to the French, loses the tight-knit concision and humorous dignity which are of Rabelais 1 essence. 55 CHAPTER II How Pantagruel bought many Rarities in the Island of Meda- mothy . What can we say in defence of a translator who without any excuse interpolates so foolish a jest as ' His name 's Twyford ' ? Prior to torture the plain narrative of Rabelais out of shape, and * suddenly confronts his reader, against the sense and wan-ant of his text, with * as Moss caught his Mare,"* or some still viler phrase. Who Moss was may be discovered (perhaps) A Pert and by an ill-rewarded research ; yet it is evident that neither Jaunt y V n 1 rrn rjjiri Moss nor his Mare had the smallest interest for Rabelais, and their introduction is a patent disloyalty. .40 CHAPTER I How Pantagruel went to Sea, to visit the Oracle of Bacbuc, alias the Holy Bottle ...... which may have been an echo of the theatre or of a comic song. Thus, also, he must degrade his prose with such empty phrases as * poor Pilgarlic ' ; thus, too, ' pour quelcque peu nous refraichir 1 suggests to his nimble mind ' a cup of the creature.' Seldom does he make a genuine attempt to keep his author's images. There is no evidence that he ever practised the craft of letters in France ; and possibly had he not been driven from his native Rouen, he would have lived and died an honest merchant. France, who, in Michelefs phrase, ' si souvent s'arrache sa propre chair, 1 resumed with bitter and savagery her persecution of the Protestants. Wanton ugu death and pitiless torture were everywhere inflicted, and the King, as though to celebrate his marriage with the widow Scarron, ordered the pillage of his grave and thrifty sub- jects. .75 CHAPTER IX How Pantagruel arrived at the Island of Ennasin, and of the strange ways of being akin in that Country . 77 CHAPTER X How Pantagruel went ashoar at the Island of Chely, where he saw King St.


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  2. Full text of "Gargantua and Pantagruel. Translated into English by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter Le Motteux annis 1653-1694. With an introd. by Charles Whibley"

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