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There stand Juvia Lockser."Juvia is so sorry, please forgive her Silver-sa- Juvia was cut in middle by Silver. No Silver-sama, Silver-san....etc, just Silver is fine. "Juvia will except it on one condition."Juvia said with determination and Silver raise a eyebrow "that then S.. This make a take-over mage have little misunderstanding. I mean is still a person who doesn't know how to show his feelings. "Well yeah, he is better in Future at least he show more his Emotions. Yeah " Silver said scratching his head ."Do you have her photo show us." Mira said in excitement.

Silver take something out of his pocket and give it to girls."Omg, she is so cute ." They said together .

" Cana said and other nodded there head and Gray rolled his eyes. "Look at your face stripper, it is looking like you are just about to puke.

"Natsu said laughing ."Sorry Natsu I forgot to add you."Cana said ."Hey" both Gray and Natsu shouted and others laugh. "You wanna go flame breath " Gray said and before the fight could start Erza glare stop them."did I see you two fight?

This also make every one out of it but they have no words to tell."What I mean is , standing in front of us is Gray fullbustur son .

Its shocking to even think about it, I thought Gray would be single his whole life.

The two stars played a soldier-doctor couple in the hit 2016 KBS 2TV series set in the fictional war-torn country of Uruk. 8, we're taking a look back at which celebrity couples owned the show 20 years ago.

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"I know you grandpa, I know everyone one of you I don't need a special introduction for it."Silver said Master smile.(You can see the photos here.) Still, the photos say something about how Bella Hadid's ex has been faring since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last month. Gomez and The Weeknd (real name is Abel Tesfaye) have known each other for at least a year―they played the Victoria's Secret show together in 2015. " she ask in angry scary tone ."No mam, we are friends" Gray and Natsu exclaimed "aye" together with there hands on each other shoulder."That's better " Erza said and everyone sweat drop."Look like some things never change " Silver said as he take everyone attention towards him self. Suddenly Silver eyes meet Juvia eyes and he smile softly at her to which she blush."You know I really wish to see my brats growing up and see there children especially Natsu and Gray,but I didn't know that it would be this fast. "Well I really thought that this two idiots will surely end up alone like Cana said." Master added teasingly."Stupid old man" both Natsu and Gray murmur."I really pity the girls ,which have to babysit both of you by marrying you." Master said as he eye Lucy and Juvia who blush while everyone one laugh. "How is it different." Gajeel ask."Well I was adopted." Silver said and there was a silence in whole guild. " Laxus ask "Well my mother was pregnant with my brother Storm, and as she was out for walking and my dad was bringing ice cream for them and it started to rain.Some time later Every one to tried after party, actually party doesn't last long that 2 hours. Well the members were to tried partying yesterday when Nashi arrive. "Nashi said."Ok , I will make you and Silver both of them. "Are you a ice mage." Laxus ask and Silver shake his head in no."Well that's a surprise. She carried me with her and she managed my father to adopt me."Mira said ."Thank you aunt Mira."Silver said."I forgot my bag behind the doors, let me get it and please try to save at least some food for me." Silver said "No promise "Nashi reply to him and Wendy and Romeo laugh in background. Even my father wish to adopt me and they name me after my grandfather. "Nashi what's yours." Lucy ask her but Nashi also decline to tell them. "Gray fight me" suddenly Natsu said out of no where. _____________________________________________Well this chapter have more of gruvia.Last year's Golden Globe Awards practically had a veritable parade of celebrity couples make their way down the red carpet, but they still didn't hold a candle to the award show's broadcast two decades earlier. At the 1997 Golden Globes, Halle Berry and Shemar Moore were a thing, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were still together, and George Clooney was .


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