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Before this, however, the publication spoke to another source who claimed that Aniston apparently kept one of the sweet post-it notes that her ex-husband Brad Pitt gave to her why they were still married — something that did not sit well with Theroux."Jen assured him they weren't a big deal, but Justin wasn't thrilled ...Justin had moments of insecurity like that," that source explained.Twitter is now going crazy with people dreaming about Brad and Jen getting back together as a couple.While many are hoping the two will reunite, others are on the opposite side and don't want to see that happen. Dear Tabloids, Please do not subject us to stories that Jennifer Aniston is getting back together with Brad Pitt.

And they’ve been helping each other through their respective troubles.” That quote, and the others used throughout this new piece, are taken from a recent is now regurgitating those debunked contentions, quoting the purported pal as alleging, “If the stars align, Brad and Jen could end up remarried.” And if the stars align, maybe Gossip Cop will finally win the lotto. These Aniston-Pitt stories are a manufactured saga that these magazines have been wrongly peddling for years, even before the actor separated from Jolie.This is according to a source that recently spoke to Us Weekly.The insider claimed that one of the big reasons was distance as Aniston reportedly had trouble living in New York City to be with Theroux, being a California girl "at heart," as per the insider."New York City just wasn't ever going to be home for Jen," the source explained.Everyone deserves a break while dealing with the end of a marriage.Signed, Everyone who lived through the love triangle of 2004-5 pic.twitter.com/x Huch S0N1v — Kristyn Burtt 💃🏼 (@Kristyn Burtt) February 15, 2018I really hope Jennifer Aniston gets back together with Brad Pitt.Then, in the year 2023, I really hope Angelina Jolie steals him again just to prove once and for all who’s boss.#Team Jolie — Mark Graham (@unclegrambo) February 16, 2018There are actual adults saying they hope Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston should get back together like they’re their divorced parents in a Lifetime movie.— (((Oh No She Twitnt))) (@Oh No She Twitnt) February 16, 2018In case you all forgot: Brad Pitt fell in love with another woman and begun a relationship with her while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Why would anyone want her to get back together with him?Jennifer Aniston will always have love for Brad Pitt, but don’t expect them to reignite their relationship after her recent breakup with Justin Theroux.Meanwhile, a further source close to Brad has revealed: “They have been texting and have been in touch.There has just been some friendly back and forth, nothing more than that.” The source added the pair have been in contact for a long time and their recent exchanges are not major news. Jennifer has since married the actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux, 45, tying-the-knot in 2015 after four years of dating.


  1. The story goes that Jen met Brad in 1998 on a blind date set up by their agents. The world still not one for smushed-together names yet, they were simply Hollywood's.

  2. Cheating did not play a role in the split of Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Brad Pitt. Aniston and Theroux started dating in.

  3. Jennifer Aniston denies Brad Pitt is 'shoulder to cry on' after marriage break-up. They started dating in 2011 and reportedly signed an “iron-clad” pre-nup.

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