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Instead, because she was allowed to go with Porn 101 posing of chipmunk face and out-thrust breasts (not that there is anything wrong with that pose in its appropriate context), the shoot just falls in to pornographic fantasy pictures instead of doing the more dynamic and interesting thing by elevating it a level further and erotically, cleverly referring to that genre, rather than crassly being it. You’ve developed a reputation as a powerful actor willing to dare exposure. PLAYBOY: You may have a point—most people saw it as a violent movie, not one of some Arthurian quest. Tags:1995, boobs, breasts, clockers, harvey keitel, holly witt, images, interview, lawrence gobel, miss november, models, movies, naked, nipples, nsfw, nude, photography, Pictures, playboy, playmate, quentin tarantino, quotes, reservoir dogs, spike lee, taxi driver, topless Posted in Model Citizens, movies, NSFW November, Pictures, Playboy, quotes | 5 Comments » As I mentioned before, I have more playmates than days in the month so I’m doubling up today and pretty much every day ’til the end of November; can’t miss a Miss, that would be a tragic oversight.

The lovely and talented Janet Lupo began as a bunny in Hoboken, New Jersey, but was persuaded to pose as the centerfold for the November, 1975 issue of Playboy.

The security guard called the ‘Bunny Mother’ on the phone and told her I was waiting to meet with her for our interview. Lupo travels to Glamourcon and is available for other public appearances. Peter Gibbons: You know, I’ve never really liked paying bills. Peter Gibbons: It’s not just about me and my dream of doing nothing. I don’t know what happened to me at that hypnotherapist and, I don’t know, maybe it was just shock and it’s wearing off now, but when I saw that fat man keel over and die – Michael, we don’t have a lot of time on this earth! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements. Those guys were just not letting up.” (Playboy, November 1982.) In her data sheet, she lists one of her turn-ons as onions, one of her turn-offs as L. freeways, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as one of her favorite movies. She has a self-maintained official site where you can contact her, purchase signed photos, and read all about what she’s up to these days. It seems from reading her blurb that she was picked especially because she was different from the usual West Coast bunny, and I can’t jump to the conclusion that that would never happen today.

To my surprise he said, “Sandy, the ‘Bunny Mother’ will see you now.” After the interview, she told me she usually telephones you within two weeks if you’re to be hired as a ‘Bunny’ but in this instance she said, “I’m hiring you on the spot cause you have ‘chutzpah’.” She knew all along that I didn’t have an appointment, but she never let on until that moment. She has worked previously as a bartender and real estate agent, and presently works as a cosmetologist. Michael Bolton: I told those fudge-packers I liked Michael Bolton’s music. “Please excuse the archaic manner in which I have decided to accept payment for my prints. I could be totally wrong and that philosophy of finding the unique and the special may still prevail; I mean, look at Stephanie Adams or Grace Kim, who I’ve highlighted in past weeks.

It’s a shame that they let her get away with just doing the kind of arched back, pouty mouth thing, because I think she was capable of more. PLAYBOY: How could Reservoir Dogs have gone further? In closing and to bring it back to the subject of this entry, I will merely add that if you are on a date with the lovely and talented Ms.

Some more stringently unusal or less stiff poses could have made the shoot kind of this interesting and erotic, challenging look at the trope of the slutty housewife: the set dressing and pastel but somehow lurid, vivid colors would have worked great with that. The rest of the text is going to be quotes from an interview that also ran in this issue by contributing editor Lawrence Gobel with none other than superbomb flyass mothafucka Mr. PLAYBOY: You must be aware of how people react to you. I don’t know what to say, except that it comes naturally to me. KEITEL: Perhaps there was some way to make the universal quest more obvious to an audience. I see it more as a story about a man who is in need of nourishing a younger man, of being a father figure, of being an example. You can read the full interview here, which I strongly recommend because Keitel mercilessly fucks with Gobel the entire time; he is enigmatic and a dick and just all-around brooking no publicity machine bullshit. Witt and are thinking of impressing her with a story about Pythagoras or Fermat, shut your piehole, because she lists among her turn-offs “math and history.” Awesome.

Quite the tan for a Jersey girl, but I guess they got the shore.

And it looks like she has been following Sophia Loren’s advice that if a lady wants curves she ought to eat lots and lots of spaghetti, so good on her for that! Lupo’s official site: “Janet is 5’6″ and measures 39-25-36 (100% Natural) and is of Italian/Czech/Irish descent.

Tags:1975, boobs, breasts, EAT SPAGHETTI, hoboken, images, janet lupo, miss november, models, nipples, nsfw, nude, photography, Pictures, playboy, playmate, pompeo posar, quotes, topless Posted in EAT SPAGHETTI, Model Citizens, NSFW November, Pictures, Playboy, quotes, Zodiac Quackery | 1 Comment » A model, actress, and all-around good-time gal, Ms. Rather than pose the arguments repetitively with numerous services, I just said ‘the heck with it, let’s just do snail mail and keep the USPS in operation! I just think from the commercial end of it, the talent scouts, they have trained their eyes to see a certain type of beauty, and I’m not sure that 5’5″ and a certain ectomorphic roundness would register. Auburn-haired Avis, a Windy City citizen by birth and inclination is artistic both in temperament and topography (39-22-36); she paints striking water colors and oils, is a budding ballet dancer and a poetess who happily celebrates self-expression in lieu of carbon-copy conformity.One source of Monique’s admirable confidence is hypnosis. Pam told us with a completely straight face that if she couldn’t land a role on a TV soap opera, she’d settle for the job of being Ollie North’s next secretary.“My life last year was moving more quickly than I could handle. By coincidence, I met a hypnotherapist, who put me under, then suggested that I wake up feeling calm and refreshed. As an experiment, the hypnotist suggested I meet him in his hotel room at a certain time. As we walked past a construction site to a chorus of whistles, she expressed gratitude that “someone [was] upholding the traditional values.” These lines were delivered with a megawatt twinkle that could stand up to hours of interrogation.“I get the apple-pie jobs. ” Tags:1987, boobs, breasts, cheap trick, florida, images, miss november, models, naked, nipples, nsfw, NSFW November, nude, pam stein, pamela stein, photography, Pictures, playboy, quotes, robin zander, safety harbor, stephen wayda, topless Posted in Model Citizens, Music --- Too many notes., NSFW November, photography, Pictures, Playboy, quotes | 1 Comment » Okay, I did some math and it turns out I actually have to do three a day if I’m going to get all the Miss Novembers in before the end of the month (I think I’m even going to have to quadruple on two days). The lovely and talented Sylvie Garant, Playboy’s Miss November 1979, landed in the magazine after submitting her picture to the Great Playmate Hunt, a contest which was held for Playboy’s twenty-fifth anniversary.For my money, she looks like a more bummed-out, more stacked version of Faye Valentine.(If you don’t know who that is, I recommend that you don’t google her even at all if you are at work.) Anyway, I’ve been crunching some numbers and I’m pretty sure there are a disproportionate number of redheaded Miss Novembers, but I’ll do a final tally at the end of the month.Not your usual playmate — besides eloquently hating on corporations and discussing her love of Whitman and Thoreau, Ms.Young also stated in her data sheet that, though she was well-known among her friends for her gourmet cooking, her real ambition was to be a successful painter, and that she hoped to one day study in Paris. Internet, I am going to let you knock off early and go home for the rest of the day, because you have truly outdone yourself. Tags:bat couture, batman, bdsm, boobs, breasts, cat mask, Catwoman, claudia schiffer, daily batman, german vogue, haters to the LEFT, images, mario testino, model, Model Citizens, models, nipples, nsfw, nude, photography, Pictures, red fingernails, topless, winner winner chicken dinner Posted in art, Bat Couture, batman, Catwoman, comics, Daily Batman, Model Citizens, Pictures, Pussy Magnets | 1 Comment » I’ll be honest: Miss November 1995, Holly Witt, mainly bores the crap out of me, and I feel like Playboy did not put their best effort forward with this pictorial’s disjointed themes, nor did they demand enough of the model. Often, pimps are brilliant people caught up in life’s misfortunes. Want to be a timeless, beautiful, glamorous international sex symbol like the world-famously gorgeous Sophia? Final thoughts on eating and sexiness from Sophia: Tags:advice, b&w photography, boobs, breasts, centerfold, cookbooks, EAT SPAGHETTI, Foodie foolery, glamour, images, lingerie, models, movies, naked, nipples, nsfw, nude, Patron saints, photography, Pictures, pin up, pinup, quotes, sexy, sheer dress, sophia loren, spaghetti, stills, topless Posted in blinding you with Science, EAT SPAGHETTI, Foodie foolery, Model Citizens, movies, Patron saints, photography, Pictures, quotes, sophia loren | 4 Comments » A clear case of the carpet not matching the drapes, which for my money is just plain false advertising, but the woman has a very interesting background and is a skilled businessperson so I’m not going to throw too many stones. I cannot stand to be dominated and I cannot stand being mediocre at what I’m doing.” Right now, she’s working on being the best model she can be, and she’s studying to be the best actress she can be. If you are confused about how to eat and need help getting started, she even has cookbooks to help you along.She was discovered and asked to pose for Playboy while shooting skeet at a range in Los Angeles (“Venus with Arms,” Playboy, November 1961). Garant has only recently gotten onto the convention and public appearance circuit.Dianne — a 23-year-old, emerald-eyed, honey-tressed, fresh-visaged fair belle to arms — gets herself to a gunnery for sweet sessions of not-so-silent skeet shooting whenever she can break away from her workaday chores modeling the latest in bathing regalia, for which her 5’7″, 120-lb. Living with her mother, father and brother close by Hollywood’s celluloid dream factories, Dianne presents a pretty paradox — she couldn’t care less about getting her face and form before a movie camera. Here is a picture of her taken August 2009 at the Chicago Glamourcon from the official site of the incomparable Dolores Del Monte (Miss March 1954), a super-awesome vintage model who is still rockin’ in the free world.


  1. Nov 28, 2009 Your Y2K Miss November was Buffy Tyler, who posed for her Playboy centerfold and soon joined Hef's at that time very large posse of girlfriends, coming and.

  2. Since modern America has come to resemble nothing so much as the inside of the Playboy Mansion, it's tempting to call Hugh Hefner a modern prophet

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