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Invader zim dating quiz

While I was doing that, I was thinking about Gir again. I almost slapped myself once for thinking that Gir would EVER be with me. I groggily got up and headed to my bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my hair. I went to zim and told him (Y/N) is spending the night. I changed Into my pajamas and pulled the covers over us. It featured an alien species named Irken that want to take over the entire universe.

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I'd love to be your girlfriend"She exclaimed and we hugged again.

I kind of sniffed her hair.smells sooo good as always."So what's up?

Ooh those beautiful eyes."I have something to tell you".

Here I was In bed watching anime (Y/N) requested ^_^. My favorite character was happy,cause he's just awesome!

I couldn't help but think...would I be able to get a girl as pretty as (Y/N)? That's the most amazing person I was thinking about last night.


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