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Intimidating volleyball names

Because I know it can be difficult for new staff to come up with a good one.

My staff have always gotten into it and the campers love it (even the parents think it’s neat).

This opportunity came up and I was luckily top of mind for her and the office folks.

The poster combines a lot of inside jokes and historical names, references and milestones. The textures and old photographs entwine with sweeping brush strokes and youthful, vibrant tones to show the progress and movement without losing track of the foundation that brought them through the generations of a flourishing, exciting church community.

The set up of a Catholic with the Baptist church—that’s just fun for the ol’ joke set up of “a priest, a rabbi and a [your name here] walk into a bar” thing. I have many friends and colleagues from the church.

The truth is that I feel very connected to the church as both a member of the community and as a Christian. In my college days, this was home to weekly volleyball games for me.

He is inspired to play, because he want to be like “the little titan” an old Karasuno’s player that was short, just like him.

Asahi Azumane (3): He is one of the wing spikers, and the team’s ace, he have an intimidating look, but he is a goodie, sometimes is a little bit unconfident about his real skills.

By mixing a few contrasts together, the symbolism and layers of meaning and importance come through in a pretty visually interesting manner.

The goal is to honor the church and the families there, but the style of paint daubs and typography with collage techniques sort of work together to give an artistic design that could stand on its own—hopefully.

First Baptist Church-Groves has some wonderful services, programs, people and mission work.

This church is really well known among the community, far beyond any denominational lines.


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