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So again, should she find herself alone in the future, at least the family will have some money put by for some inevitably rainy years ahead.3.

Where poorer families are concerned, Sin Sod is a repayment for the money invested in their daughter.

Therefore, the Sin Sod acts as a sort of insurance in the event that the husband leaves her and doesn't offer post separation financial support.

The bottom line is, women don't walk away with half of everything like they do in some Western countries.

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Age is a contentious and quite horrible issue when it comes to Sin Sod.

Many families sell land, borrow money and generally go without to put their kids through university, or in some cases to simply put food on the table.

The Sin Sod is essentially a repayment for that investment.

That said, the type of guys such a woman would have access to wouldn't be able to afford more than that anyway.

But who knows, occasionally a rich man does fall for a poorer woman in good old classist Thailand, and to show his wealth he would no doubt slap down a hefty sin sod. Sin Sod is generally decided by status, family wealth, family name and accomplishment/education of the female in question.


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