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Henry cavill and natalie dormer dating

But this time, instead of moving on with a fame-hungry TV star [hi, Kaley Cuoco], Henry Cavill is instead dating a barely legal 21-year-old ‘animal killer’ named Marisa Gonzalo.There’s no word on how or when Henry Cavill met this Marisa Gonzalo, but there are social media pictures confirming their association with each other.

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Since August 2012 Henry has been dating actress Gina Carano.

There are also VERY incriminating pictures and social media tweets concerning Marisa, and it’s a bit worrying that Henry – who considers himself an animal lover – would be dating someone who is so blatant about killing animals and bragging about it to everyone who will listen.

There are pictures of Marisa posing with dead deer, not to mention a disgusting tweet reading, Even if she’s being ironic, this isn’t funny.

I usually know more about people after I work with them. He’s very nice, but I got to know everyone else, but not him,” Stephen Dorff said.

“I'm very keen on my private life remaining private.


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  5. Do you guys agree? Can you forgive Henry Cavill for dating such a terrible person, and are you pleased that he finally had the guts to break up with her?

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