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Gay dating in los angelas

Life expectancy has never been longer; as disease and war and death by the hands of another man in a feud over honor are removed from our civilized, evolved societies, we we wish so gravely that we hadn’t lived our lives with more urgency and daring.

People regret more now then they did once for many reasons.

Viking explorers ventured into uncharted seas to discover what was not yet known.

We not only fear death but we fear the unknown and injury and failure and for shite’s sake we need to stop, and the end will start when we bring our greatest fear into the present.

The gym is now our Agoge, our training for physical toughness but also for mental toughness.

Where men, both young and old, trained for war we now have to train as if we’re training for war.

When you walk into the gym put your game face one, don’t be a goof yelling and screaming and spitting everywhere, but know that this workout is a battle, it’s a battle against your weakness, that voice that wants you to quit one rep early or walk out of the gym and back to the comfort of your couch before the workout has been fully completed.

Physical toughness, that is, the ability to push through pain, to workout when it’s the last thing you want to do, to squeeze out one more rep when everything in your logical mind says enough is enough, mental toughness, and it’s this toughness that will help you become a man in the truest, greatest sense of the word.3. There was something about that culture, the Viking’s culture, that wanted more, that didn’t fear death and that allowed them to try what others wouldn’t.

A time when a man’s ambition determined how high he would rise, how many men he would lead, and how many lands he would conquer. To be ambitious in times past meant you had to bring yourself closer to death’s door on a more frequent occurrence.

Our brains are no bigger, our capacity for intelligence no greater, we’ve merely been given knowledge that has been built up and compounded over hundreds of years.

Our toughness, our grit, however, are both diminished beyond recognition.

There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and the sword was handled in its stead.

This flame hasn’t faded or died down but our ability to feed it with the physicality of battle and of victory and of death, possibly the only to feed that ambitious fire, has. Our methods for carrying it out have evolved, but the thirst still has the same core, we want to conquer.


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