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Girl group 2NE1 debuted in 2009 and quickly set out to break boundaries and become one of the industry’s leaders.Big Bang branched out into Japan during this time while still focusing on solo activities whether be it film, television, and/or theater. G-Dragon had the highest selling album of 2009, beating out groups with 10 members and industry veterans.These 10 commandments, if kept, will The 10 chapters (Commandments) are: Thou Shalt get a Life, Thou Shalt Use your Brain, Thou Shalt be Equally Yoked, Thou Shalt Take it Slow, Thou Shalt Set Clear Boundaries, Thou Shalt Save Sex for Later, Thou Shalt Not Play House, Thou Shalt Fight Fairly, Thou Shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs, and Thou Shalt Choose Wisely.10 Great Dates Before You Say "I Do" by David & Claudia Arp and Curt & Natelle Brown.He gives off a feeling somewhere between a boy and a man." 19.

I'll do my best in the future so please watch over~ You are my hero~ Thank you for everything." 25.She also revealed, “I don’t know his number, but I do know oppa.” Of course, Hyung Don & Dae Joon couldn’t let it go and expressed surprise that she called G-Dragon “oppa”.Lizzy shot back, “Of course I call him ‘oppa’, should I call him ‘unni’ instead?” The hosts responded,“You can call him sunbae, can’t you?”Slightly taken aback, Lizzy went on, “Is this how you hang me out to dry?On the October 31st broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked, “It’s hot on the internet. The other party involved is G-Dragon.”Lizzy stated, “First of all, it’s really an honor,” and the MCs remarked, “Can there be smoke with no fire?” The Orange Caramel member then replied, “Honestly, I think that there can be smoke with no fire,” denying that there’s any truth to the rumors.During their early years, the company put out groups such as Keep Six, Jinusean, and most notably 1TYM, who was credited with bringing hip hop to the Korean mainstream. With Wheesung eventually becoming Korea’s highest selling artist of 2003.In 1999, the company’s artists released their first collaboration album under the name “YG Family”. The YG Underground label was also created to contain 45RPM and Stony Skunk.Jinusean’s Sean and YG actress Jung Hye Young also tied the knot.Teddy Park of 1TYM and Lexy; as well as Wheesung and Gummy, all dated for a prolonged period of time when they were under the label.


  1. The topic of Lizzy's past dating rumor came up on the March 28 episode of JTBC's 'Witch Hunt'. While no one specifically mentioned G-Dragon's nam

  2. Palette Palette 20 G-Dragon, IU Lyrics/작사 아이유IU Composer/작곡 아이유IU Arranger/편곡 이종훈 Romanization Korean Translation.

  3. It was the first time I thought a guy could be so cool. If I had another chance to meet him and actually be able to speak.

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