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That lump of goo knows about neutron stars, black holes, neutrinos, and a middling number of the flora and fauna here on planet Earth. That lump of goo has worked out mathematical truths, moral half-truths, and philosophical ambiguities.

And from the mud beneath our feet, it extracted all the stuff used to make our great cities, our cars and jets and rockets, and the wires and wireless signals that are turning these disparate lumps of goo into one great hivemind of creativity, knowledge, and sometimes cruelty.

Longer still to cope with the disagreements and separate needs of those other people’s brains and thoughts.

And for many of us (possibly most), any sort of true self-knowledge and self-enlightenment never happens.

One thing they are certain to replicate is the gradual way that our consciousness turns on. A light in the distance, over by the far bleachers, is humming. One of the pioneers of computing, Alan Turing, described an ultimate test for “thinking” machines: Could they pass as human?

Ever since, humanity has both dreamed of—and had collective nightmares about—a future where machines are more human than humans.

While supplements are legal and many people swear by their effects, the evidence around their benefits are murky and US poison-control centers have recieved 275,000 reports of people who reacted badly to them over the last two decades.

As a star swimmer in high school, Kozlovski had taken all kinds of natural supplements.Even though CD sales have been dropping rapidly for years, people were shocked and upset with Best Buy's decision to move forward and pull them from its shelves.Best Buy declined to comment on the Billboard report.- Courtesy of Andrew Kozlovski" / Digital music streaming sites have been growing rapidly, all the while making CDs less and less relevant.Billboard recently reported that Best Buy plans to pull CDs from all of its stores by July 1.The universe is full of some very cool stuff: neutron stars that weigh a ton a teaspoon; supermassive black holes that grip even light in their iron fists; infinitesimal neutrinos that stream right through solid steel; all the bizarre flora and fauna found right here on planet Earth.It might be the ultimate in egoism, but of all the known things in the universe, the most amazing is surely the lump of goo inside our skulls.But the burgeoning demand for supplements presented an opportunity to Kozlovski, who has built a social media following selling a supplement called Brainz Power.Today he has nearly a dozenaccounts with followers in the hundreds of thousands, where he posts aspirational content for budding entrepreneurs, fitness nuts, fellow students, and people who just like looking at pictures of cool cars and California sunrises.You can’t pen the date in a baby book, or take a picture of the moment and share it on Facebook, or celebrate its anniversary for years to come. (It often unravels gradually, also in stages.)Human consciousness comes on like the old lights that used to hang in school gyms when I was a kid. There’s a buzz, a dim glow from a bulb here or there, a row that flickers on, shakily at first, and then more lights, a rising hum, before all the great hanging silver cones finally get in on the act and rise and rise in intensity to their full peak a half hour or more later. It takes a long while before our hands are seen as extensions of ourselves.Even longer before we realize that we have brains and thoughts separate from other people’s brains and thoughts.


  1. Chloe Green and Jeremy Meeks have been dating for months. In that time there has been a seemingly endless display of affection as they jet set all over the globe.

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