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There are reasons why these food groups cost more, but some middle ground has to be made at some point.

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We’d be happier, we’d have less stress, we’d live fuller, more energetic lives.

What they’re fed can be filled with hormones, chemicals like anti-depressants (true story), and poisons; however, buying organic, grass-fed meat can cost an arm and a leg. Talking to the butcher, he told me that they grind their sirloin. Turkey and chicken, if free-range, will be a lot cheaper than beef. Studies have shown that polutants, while they still exist, are less-prevelant in the northern regions of our continent. Study after study is showing the negative effects of genetically-modified produce on our health. Pesticides have been known to have adverse effects on our health for years.

It’s the same meat, but the ground beef has been put through a grinder – in-house by the way. Packed full of estrogen-raising chemicals, stay away from pesticides, and PLEASE stay away from genetically-modified foods as well. If a fruit or vegetable is in season, it will be cheaper as it will have to travel a shorter distance to get to your mouth.

Have a solid meal that’s high in carbs (oatmeal, white rice) and lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey).

Then, have your post workout shake with a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio, followed by a massive meal. The grocery list for both goals will be similar, but the Oatmeal – a great, cheap, carbohydrate.


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