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Episcopal priests dating and marrying

With 10 percent unemployment in this corner of North Carolina, their story could be a common one.

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The priest who sparked a scandal in Miami’s Catholic community after getting caught kissing a woman is now dishing about his life as a different kind of “Father” figure. Alberto Cutié was defrocked after paparazzi snapped photos of him cuddling with his bikini-clad girlfriend on a Miami beach in May 2009.

The subject of married priests in the Catholic Church has been controversial for hundreds of years.

That controversy returned this year after an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles admitted he had fathered two children -- about the same time the Vatican released guidelines for accepting married priests from Episcopal churches in the Catholic priesthood.

"Growing up in a strict Catholic family, I have a strong devotion to Our Lady," she said, referring to the Virgin Mary.

"And if the church changed today and allowed priests to marry and ordained women, I'd be there." Each coped with joblessness in different ways.


  1. The actual rules for identifying, preparing, and ordaining priests are a little bit different in various parts of the Anglican world, but in all cases you must work.

  2. I’m a Catholic priest – and I’m married. In Church;. look all that different from ministry in the Episcopal. Episcopal priests have to pastor.

  3. Clerical celibacy is the requirement in certain religions that some or all members. For priests and deacons clerical marriage continued. or marrying again.

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