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Environmental tracers age dating young groundwater

There are many factors which influence groundwater-surface water interactions such as river bed characteristics, geology, geomorphology and climate.In general a number of methods have been used to ascertain the nature of groundwater surface water interactions across different catchments.The water on the Earth's surface - surface water - occurs as streams, lakes, rivers as well as bays and wetlands.

Deuterium and 18O have been used together with both radioactive tracers (3H/3He) and other non-conventional tracers like rare earth elements (REEs) to determine groundwater inflow and outflow from large lakes such as East African Rift Valley lakes (Ojiambo et al., in review). (1998) also have used sources of both radioactive (36Cl) and non-radioactive (37Cl) tracers to ascertain sources of solutes for Antarctic lake systems (Lyons et al, 1998).

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Interactions between groundwater and surface water play a critical role in the functioning of riparian ecosystems.

These interactions can have significant implications for both water quantity and quality.


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  2. Jun 2, 2012. a need for new groundwater age tracers and/or new groundwater dating techniques to supplement. tracers for the characterization of relatively young groundwater recharged months to ~100 years ago. Environmental tracers have been used to estimate groundwater age by making use of their well.

  3. Dec 13, 2012. Keywords Groundwater Dating; Bank Infiltration; Excess Air. 1. Introduction. Both tritium and helium isotopes have been used as environmental tracers of groundwater flow in a variety of hydrogeologic settings. The 3H/3He ratio has been used successfully in dating groundwater less than 50 years old.

  4. May 28, 2013. Keywords Groundwater dating, Bayesian Inference, Shape Free Histogram, Environmental. 37. Tracers. 38. 39. 1. Introduction. 40. The subsurface travel time of groundwater – here also referred to as groundwater age – is. 41 important information for assessing the vulnerability of wells to contamination.

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