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Does updating iphone delete everything

If the Save Video option isn't available when exporting your Time-lapse Video, you're probably recording in 4K.

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If you're not sure whether you're up to date, you can check your current version by tapping the word Procreate in the top left of your Gallery.To disable the recording of video on new canvases, go to the Settings app on your i Pad, tap Procreate in the sidebar, and set Time-Lapse Recording to Disabled.Once you've exported your video, you can import it into your favorite video editor and slow it down, add music, or anything else you like.i OS gives developers a limited amount of RAM to play with.If you have lots of apps running in the background, your i Pad will try to terminate those apps to free up RAM.By default, Procreate records every undoable action (anything that creates an undo step - each painting stroke, a transform action, layer adjustments) as a frame of video.To export this video, go to the Actions menu from your canvas, tap Video, and tap Export Time-lapse Video.Replay Kit is the i OS technology that powers our Live Broadcast.Currently this is available with Youtube, YT Gaming, Mobcrush, Periscope, and Shou.We're hopeful that more services will incorporate this very soon.As soon as other streaming apps build a Replay Kit extension, then they'll automatically work with Live Broadcast, without the need for a Procreate update.


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