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All of them are making a difference (or on their way to) by improving our lives through research and new discoveries.

We thought this was important, to highlight the brains along with the beauty. Age: 27 Position: Marine researcher Institution: Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Education: Ph. in chemical oceanography from the University of South Florida; B. in marine and freshwater biology from The University of Texas at Austin Nationality: American Christofk studies the genes and proteins behind the way cancer cells use sugars to live and grow, which is different from how normal cells do.

He's also worked on health care statistics and data flow optimization.

Fun fact: Kraft has served as a Flight Surgeon and Officer in the Air National Guard with over 100 flying hours in F-15s and F-16s, and was a finalist for NASA-Astronaut Selection. D from the University of Witwatersrand Byrne studies insects, particularly the behavior of dung beetles: how they cool down, walk, and navigate. in mathematics and biology from Stanford University Nationality: American Witten analyzes "high-dimensional data," or large-scale data sets coming out of biology that has tens of thousands of measurements — for instance genome screening projects.

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These kind of algorithms can help screen videos and images for suspected terrorists, or to pick out signs of disease.

Called the "moral molecule," he believes oxytocin is responsible for virtuous human qualities like empathy, generosity, and trust.

Hugs and even social networking can trigger the release of oxytocin in the brain, according to Zak.

One of her latest studies, for example, found that eating too much cheese every day could make men infertile. Basta studies how infectious diseases are passed from host to host (say, by touch, through the blood, or through the air) to determine the best way to make and administer vaccines that best protect against that disease. A in biochemistry from Brown Nationality: American Kraft, a physician-scientist, explores ways to use developing technology, including new tools, tests, and apps, to improve health and medicine.

Age: 45 Position: Executive director of the Future Med program; Faculty chair of medicine at Singularity University; Founder & CEO of Intelli Medicine Education: M. He invented a device called the Marrow Miner that quickly harvests bone marrow with less pain for the donor.


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  5. Feb 25, 2013. Flickr/poptech It's hard to make microbes, telescopes, and math calculations appear sexy. But we found 50 scientists who pull it. Institution University of Southern Denmark. Education Ph. D in. puppies and cooking. She's also a born and bred Jersey girl who happens to be obsessed with country music.

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