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'It's not just that some Thai women are looking for a ticket to a better life and want to meet rich foreigners, this is something far broader than that.' Most westerners hear about Thailand's infamous reputation as a sex for sale centre and prostitution in Thailand.However what is not appreciated by most westerners is that Thailand has a very live, active but old fashioned culture which has, up to now, restricted the activities of Thai women.Many choose to spend their time and spare cash in Thailand.It goes a lot further,' says James Morris an internet commentator on the subject in Bangkok.Research shows that, in Thailand, Thai women are leading drivers in internet use in the country.

Thai dating sites have emerged that offer Thai singles a range of communication tools such as chat, e-mail and matching to meet friends and develop relationships.

'There are now more men in western countries that enjoy a lifestyle which allows them to travel in spite of the downturn economically.

Older men who have reached retirement and are living on decent pensions are joined on flights to Thailand by middle aged men working in occupations in the US that allow them to take time off and still maintain good incomes.

'As well as social networking and apps, many Thai women have individual dating or social network sites where they go to make friends with international friends' says Carla Boonkong a magazine journalist based in Bangkok.

Thailand, like other Asian countries, is connecting rapidly to the internet.


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  2. Oct 9, 2013. International Thai Dating sites. Thai singles and Thai women find Love Relationships Marriage and friendship with western men. One in ten Thai women use a Thai Dating site online to meet foreigners.

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