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Driving simulators are used at research facilities for many purposes. Many vehicle manufacturers operate driving simulators, e.g. Many universities also operate simulators for research.

The Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto use the Virage Simulation VS500M driving simulator to study and measure the effects of cannabis on driving (Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star. In addition to studying driver training issues, driving simulators allow researchers to study driver behavior under conditions in which it would be illegal and/or unethical to place drivers.

There is a question of validity—whether results obtained in the simulator are applicable to real-world driving.

Given the inability to replicate some simulator studies on the sidewalk this is likely to remain an issue for some time.

Some of the major features popular with fans of the genre are online racing, realism and diversity of cars and tracks.

Dutch simulator designer Cruden offers private use car simulators for personal entertainment.

Example: Central Road Research Institute and Faros Simulation System have jointly developed a car simulator for extensive research purposes.I have downloaded scania truck driving simulator finally but... I have downloaded scania truck driving simulator finally but... My game version is 1.5.0, Now tell me where the heck do i find this code? Scania truck driving simulator 1.5.0 activation code? My game version is 1.5.0, Now tell me where the heck do i find this code? CRRI Faros Research Simulator There exists a number of types research driving simulators, with a wide range of capabilities.The most complex, like the National Advanced Driving Simulator, have a full-sized vehicle body, with six-axis movement and 360-degree visual displays.Manufacturers such as Simworx in Australia, Virage Simulation in Canada, ADH Labs in India, Tecknotrove, Faros Simulation System, XPI Simulation are active in developing Driver Training Simulators that are relevant to Road Safety as well as immersive Student Driver Training.Hazard Perception and Disability Simulators for training amputees or the disabled in the use of hand controls whilst still abiding with local road rules are one of many features found in their simulators.These wheels are usually used only for computer games.In addition to the myriad commercial releases there is a bustling community of amateur coders working on closed and open source free simulators.


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