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:) I can also be serious when I need to be but life's This is always the difficult part.

I speak fluent sarcasm and my filter only works have the time but I'm working on it.I've heard Jasper is great for wildlife and work (in all respects! There is soooo much to see and not enough time, when you get to Banff goto the Tourist Info booth and grab a bunch of pamphlets, then pick from there, and enjoy I spent most of my time in Jasper, so if you are gonna goto Jasper, lemme know and I can give you some contacts and hook ya up with some hidden gems, and deals, and secrets^^^ I agree...) as well, though I haven't been there myself in quite some time. We started a thread and it was deleted so we started another one... We're looking for things to see and MUST DO's while we're all visiting... make sure you have lots of time to enjoy everything there is to see at Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper and all points in between.I like to watch all kinds of movies but i like horror the best.I have a good sense of humor I'm a transsexual lesbian I have been with only four women I'm a virgin I'm looking for marriage to a good trustworthy female I'm mtf trans-woman I hate horror movies am on disability, have developmentally challenged mood disorder skitz bi polar adhd.It can be interesting to see people golfing on green grass from the top of the gondola where it's snowing.Check out the Banff Springs Hotel but don't stay there unless you can afford 0 a night!I enjoy being busy, however that being said, I do I recently came out last year and this year become an army wife :) i am here to meet new people. I'm spontaneous, fun, silly, adventurous I´m 5´9 tall, slender/avg, pretty, feminine, curly dark medium lgth hair.I love to just chill out, relax and talk with people with the occasional night of being able to get all dolled up and go clubbing. I like chinese food, positive quotes, ghost hunting, architecture,movies, reading, warm weather, walks, shooting pool, crib, laser tag, racquetball, some board games/video Who knows maybe one day lightning may strike?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.^^^Why change the subject heading? As for the rest of Canada; Google can be your friend too! Sunshine has better snow, but the terrain is flatter, Lake Louise has better terrain, but the snow is usually not as good. Tink, Calgary Banff and Lake Louise are always looking for people to fill their very active tourism industries, and are very cool towns to hang out in for a little while at least.Banff has more going on culturally than Lake Louise, but both are spectacular for natural wonders, outdoor activities, and wildlife.


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