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Dating prisnors

When you speak about sex in prison a few images come to mind.The most popular being that of a male inmate bending down in the shower to pick up the soap.There was a lot of shouting and there were threats being made from one set of inmates to another of what they would do when they got into reception. What crime was so terrible that it would garner such a reaction?

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Although The Prison Service has said that it doesn’t condone sex in prisons, it is powerless to stop it.

Most prisoners will be released into a foreign digital world, a world that has changed by leaps and bounds in the years they spent ‘inside’, and the prison system does nothing to prepare them for that.

Would you help someone in prison understand the new world we live in?

And despite what fellow Wonder Women writer Jemima Thackray may think after spending one whole day in Brixton Prison shadowing the chaplain, Vicky Pryce is absolutely right about this.

Many female prisoners have been coerced into committing crimes for their partners and when they end up behind bars they find themselves abandoned and they have to survive. Females are still at risk of abuse and rape and unfortunately because they are inmates there is often no legal remedy available for them to seek justice. I have sat in on adjudications where to me it was clear that the prison officer is lying but the governor will always rule in their favour.


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  3. Feb 25, 2014 Women prisoners Sex in prison is commonplace, the male inmates just hide it more than girls As a report warns female inmates are being coerced into sex by.

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