Dating my 1980s ludwig drums

Whether this is because of lack of interest, lack of interior date stamps, or some other reason, I am not sure.I have the same frustration with the Standard series.Whereas most of the shells after about ’73 received a granitone coated interior.But by 1976, their method of construction for drums had changed drastically. Shells now consisted of 6-ply maple/poplar mix without reinforcement rings.It does not appear that as much effort went into gathering serial numbers for B/O badges.Of the three Ludwig dating charts presented on the vintagedrumguide ( only the one you cite even addresses the 70s drums.This same issue existed for Gretsch, which discontinued interior date stamps prior to starting the use of serial numbers.

Shells from the early part of the 70’s have clear interiors.I collected information for several years before I published a Gretsch dating guide last month.Hopefully someone with a high level of interest in 1970s Ludwigs will take on the project.The 70’s blue and olive badge started as rhombus shape with pointed non-continuous lower left and upper right corners.Ludwig drums could also be identified even further, than simply from the badge, into a specific time period of the 70’s by the construction of the shell, and the hardware used throughout the drum.Retracting, 5/16”, arched curved spurs were introduced in the 1970 catalog, however, existing as early as 1968.By around 1977, a thicker, 1/2”, curved spur was introduced for more support.I know their numbers are incorrect because I have drums with six digit serial numbers, bought as a factory set in 1974, that start with 957, 958, 959, 961 and 969.Has anyone ever researched or questioned what appears to be erroneous information? According to the chart you provided, your drums were made in 1976, assuming you have Blue & Olive badges, except for the serial #1755xxx, which would be 1977 to 1979.It appears that most of the effort on Ludwig drum dating focused on the Keystone badge drums.I think that most sources are in general agreement when it comes to this era of drums.


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