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Dating in century village

Lilliu's archaeological excavations proved that Su Nuraxi was being inhabited until the third century A. Besides Su Nuraxi, there are still over 7,000 nuraghes intact on Sardinia (and only on Sardinia!

), of which the most well known are; - Nuraghe Santu Antine (Torralba) - Nuraghe Losa (Abbasanta) - Nuraghe Orrubiu (Orroli) - Nuraghe Palmavera (Alghero) To visit the Nuraghe of Barumini, a tour is obligatory, but there are departures every half hour.

Nuraghi (the Sardinian plural of Nuraghe is Nuraghes) are the main type of megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, and the use of these beehive-like buildings still remains unknown.The vast, labyrinthine village with narrow lanes and houses, wells and meeting huts, quietly tells a mysterious story of 3500 years ago.The area is open for visitors, and you can see the fortress, while passing in narrow tunnels, which were carved from the walls.It was declared of the old civilization in Sardinia.The importance of the Nuraghe of Barumini, which stands on a small plateau at a level of about 230 metres, is shown by its complexity.Su Nuraxi has an excellent state of preservation, especially the proximity of the huge fortress, which consists of several towers.A central tower is surrounded by a rampart with four towers, which in turn are surrounded by seven towers in a hexagonal.William the Conqueror gave land in the parish to his niece, Countess Judith, and a deer park to his stepbrother, the Bishop of Bayeux.A study performed by Leicester University suggested that this was likely to have been centred on the moated site and associated earthworks at Carlton Hall Farm.The list of incumbents goes back to 1229AD, and includes some interesting characters.One Thomas Wells was Parson for three score years and ten and died at the age of 100 years.


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