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Painted bottles were developed during the early 1930s.

They were more cost effective to produce and the bright colors enhanced point of sale marketing efforts.

Blob top These bottles have a blob of glass applied as the top.

The blob was applied after the bottle was removed from the mold, and then hand =tooled to form the top.

Colored examples have been dug in San Francisco and other Western areas transported there during the Gold Rush of 1849.

Major Cities East of the Mississippi including St, Louis and New Orleans have numerous colored examples almost all of which sell for 0 or more.

Most often found on soda and beer bottles some are highly collectable.

Their value ranges depending on color, condition and how elaborate the embossing. Hutchinson These soda bottles had a metal hook and rubber gasket sealer. Colored versions, highly embossed and bottles from certain areas are more valuable.

Exceptions to this are common because some times local collectors will pay huge sums for local bottles which if offered nationally would not even get a bid.

These were produced just after the Hutchinson style. Bromo Seltzer & Milk of Magnesia These cobalt blue glass bottles are very common, and have little value. Note the barnacles left attached to bottle adds a little character and makes it immediately identifiable as being recovered from the marine environment.

Unlike other books on the subject, that provide a diagram and step by step instructions Capt.

These bottles are most often machine made crown tops, screw tops or milk bottles.

Crown top Crown tops were invented by William Painter in 1892. Crown Tops can be found as both applied tops, which can date to just after 1892 or machine made.


  1. Soda & Mineral Water Bottles. Dating Summary/Notes The blob-top style soda/mineral water bottles appear to have originated in the early 1840s and were quite.

  2. Dating antique bottles. There are three keys to help with dating most bottles Side seams. Hutchinson blob top date after 1879.

  3. Other alternative names for the finish besides lip was "top. on a type of "blob" finish dating from. bottles All machine-made bottle finishes.

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