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Dating a greek girl

However despite their feminity, Greek women do not appear helpless or delicate.

Underneath their womanly appearance seems to run a strong undercurrent of passion and sensuousness; it is all merely hidden until tapped but the right person and once woken up to love, your shy Greek girlfriend may surprise you with her zest for love and life.

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Too often among Greek-Americans, if a Greek guy actually gets to the point of asking a Greek girl out, you get the 3-Date (3-D) or 1-Month (1-M) period, after which there is a good likelihood that either the guy or the girl will freak out, thus ending the relationship.

A lot of these relationships, if allowed to continue past 3-D or 1-M might just naturally end because the two people didnt have all that much in common, or for other reasons that normal relationships end outside the Greek community.

So if you want to make a good impression on your Greek girlfriend, respect her as an individual who has opinions and choices.

By all means you should treat her like a lady with courtly manners and thoughtful gifts but at the same time discuss matters and ask questions which appreciate her brains along with her looks.

However things are changing now and Greece has woken up to the need for women’s empowerment.

As more Greek women go to college and join the work force, they believe that they deserve to be given the respect which has eluded them for so long.


  1. Mar 29, 2015. I can tell you first hand that Greeks are unlike Americans in some ways, for better and is how Dating Greek Men.

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