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Christian questions before dating

Do you see a medical professional for annual check-ups? Do you diligently take care of any medical issues you have? Do you contribute financially to your church or other worthy causes?

What do you do to protect the value of your property? Wise couples give consideration to their reasons for having children and carefully choose how they behave as parents.

What are the types of things you do with these friends?

What are the characteristics you look for in a friend?

In adulthood, physical growth tends to stop -- although our cells keep reproducing and replacing themselves -- but intellectually, emotionally and spiritually we have the need to continue to develop.

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What efforts do you think are important to continue to grow emotionally? What do you do to attend to your emotional well being? Taking good care of our bodies makes everything we attempt to in life easier.

How could you minimize your exposure to those things or people? When you picture your future, what role does fun play? How you manage those changes will be influenced by the manner you conduct your life such as the books you read, the movies you watch, the activities you engage in and the friends you choose. Are intellectual growth and development important to you? What activities do you engage that stimulate you intellectually?

How often do you plan events or activities just for the fun of it? Do you currently spend enough time on fun and enjoyment? What types of activities could the two of you do together that would be fun? Are there things or people in your lives that diminish your level of fun or enjoyment? This means that both partners will change throughout a marriage.

” Fun relieves stress, lightens mood and helps us to think in more creative ways.

Once you are married, are your current friends likely to encourage you to be faithful? How likely are your current friends to encourage you to be considerate of your spouse? The great motivational speaker, Andrew Carnegie said, “There is little success where there is little laugher!


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