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Let the old Fog remain upon it, and die and rot and be washed into the Ground, and dont suffer your Cattle to tread upon it and so poach and break the soil, and you will never want any Dung.

Take the Soil and Mud, which you cutt up and throw out when you dig Ditches in a Salt Marsh, and put 20 Load of it in a heap.

A Controversy is arising or has arisen in the Wentworth Family.

From him the Gentry at Cambridge have learnt it, and they all Practise it.These will convert plain, common Sense, into profound Wisdom, nay wretched Doggerell into sublime Heroics.This Cause was really, and in truth and without Partiality, or Affectation of Modesty, very indifferently argued by me.At Tiltons in Portsmouth I met with my Cousin Joseph Adams, whose Face, I was once as glad to see as I should have been to see an Angel. When he was at Colledge, and used to come to Braintree with his Brother Ebenezer, how I used to love him.2 He is broken to Pieces with Rheumatism and Gout now. At York Court, dined with the Judges, and spent the Evening at Ritchies with Bradbury and Hale of Portsmouth, a sensible young Lawyer.Bradbury says there is no need of Dung upon your Mowing Land if you dont feed it in the Fall nor Spring.Person from whom he might take a Conveyance of them to himself.All the Council except Livius, advised him to the Reassumption, He having laid before them the Opinion of S.Then take 20 Loads of common Soil or mould of Upland and Add to the other.Then to the whole add 20 Loads of Dung, and lay the whole in a Heap, and let it lay 3 months, then take your Spades And begin at one End of the Heap, and dig it up and throw it into another Heap, there let it lie, till the Winter when the Ground is frozen, and then cart it on, to your English Grass Land.—Ten or 20 Loads to an Acre, as you choose.—Rob.If I can so fence and secure Deacon Belchers and Lt.Belchers Orchards, as not to feed them at all in the Fall, Winter nor Spring I could get a fine Crop of English Hay from thence.


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