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Please keep the news coming and we will print as much as we can.

Duncan Fleming (S ’42-50) writes “I see from the latest OH magazine that you seem to have lost touch with my nephew Ian Fleming [C ’62-67]. Fleming (S ’38-39) in the hotel business he came to stay with me in Hong Kong before embarking on a career managing and opening golf courses all over SE Asia.

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Both are amongst the aunties of my childhood, as my mother’s sisters were unknown. I liked that when I spun in it the circle skirt twirled; it seemed to be made for dance.

Dagmar was a dress shop owner who made cucumber sandwiches for feast. Another dress was very long and had a checked pattern and ruffles on the sleeves.

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My parents said she was a terrible driver, but they still let her drive us to camps when they couldn’t afford to go.

Hmm…now I kinda want to believe that Witch is like a cousin to Auntie Agatha, or even better TWIN SISTERS, SO THEN WITCH CAN BE MY AUNTIE TOO!

Aunt Agatha’s box file is brim full of news from OHs.

Many Ayyam-i-ha celebrations she gave packages of dresses to my mother for me. It made me feel like I could time travel, like in the time travel books I was into reading at the time.

Another dress was pink and brown and the colours suited me well.


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