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Being too accommodating

Wednesday night, there was no mention of his racist comments toward Mexicans; his praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin; or his stigmatization of Muslims.

He wasn’t pressed hard for any policy details, nor challenged about his well-catalogued dislike of the truth.

Scarborough began the evening by noting that he and his co-host were prepared to debrief Trump and ask him important questions; instead, the questions were mild, and the follow-ups nonexistent.

It remains shocking that after months of bigoted comments and almost pathological dishonesty, Trump still lands these types of interviews.

(Scarborough’s constant grinning at Trump’s laughable dishonesty was the only suggestion that the host recognized the nonsense Trump was spewing; he simply didn’t care.) When Scarborough had a chance to follow-up on Trump’s nonsensical answers—guns, health care, etc.—he usually just changed the subject.

Scarborough fared slightly better when the discussion moved to Iraq; he briefly focused on Trump’s continued (and unproven) claims about opposing the war before it began.

But by solving someone’s problem for them, you prevent a learning experience, and they’ll keep coming back to you for similar requests.MSNBC has certainly not been uniformly easy on Trump, especially during its evening programs.But the networks’ reliance on his ratings—a problem that is especially acute at CNN—means that they need to maintain a certain amount of politeness when dealing with the real estate magnate.This is true to a certain extent, but there are certainly disadvantages to a strong personality in either direction. The popularized downside of being too nice is that you become a people-pleaser and don’t stand up for yourself.The implication is that being too helpful hurts only you. People come to you for help and advice because you have expertise, knowledge, or a skill set they want to tap into.Scarborough began by asking about—what else—polls, before ostensibly turning to the Supreme Court.After asking one question about the Second Amendment, which Trump dodged, Scarborough moved on.Initially it might seem that people who are more agreeable have an advantage of sorts.Perhaps they are more friendly, work better with others, or are more approachable.Which means that rather than witnessing the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s time in the political spotlight, we may not even be at the end of the beginning.Many relationships have problems or end because one of the partners is too needy or too “clingy.” Being needy is one of the most unattractive qualities in a man from a woman’s perspective, because it suggests that the guy is lacking confidence and might not have a life, among other things, and therefore he is being so clingy to that one person – her – depending on her to make him happy.


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