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In other words it is about power, the power to define supposedly normal sexual scripts.

Both women’s and men’s sexualities have historically been defined solely from the male-standpoint wherein male sexuality is active and dominant with female sexuality seen as opposite, namely passive and receptive.

In other words, both parties would have to actually say what sexual acts they wanted or did not want enacted upon their bodies.

This Policy clearly stated that consent to sexual activity was to be defined not by one partner saying ‘no’ but rather by saying ‘yes.’ Central to this policy was the requirement that an affirmative yes must be obtained, before either partner proceeded to perform any sexual act upon the other person.’ Many men refuse to accept a woman’s right of saying no and instead either wants an explanation or simply ignores her answer and instead continues verbally pressurising a woman, often for hours until eventually the woman is utterly worn down and submits.Note she does not actively and freely consent, instead she submits because of such continuous verbal harassment and coercion.Like Biting Beaver I have often thought what a man would say if I were to remove his trousers and suddenly insert a vibrator into his anus whilst at the same time telling him ‘you will enjoy this, I know you will because it will be good for you’.I am certain the man would protest in the strongest terms that I shouldn’t have done that and even possibly I am committing rape .Biting Beaver also discovered that a number of her male friends could not understand why verbal coercion is another form of sexual abuse against women.One of the primary reasons is men as a group grow up with the belief since they are male; they have the right and entitlement of having .These women discovered that talking more explicitly than they had done previously, had enhanced their experience of sexual activity.As Cameron says, this view was at odds both with the Antioch authorities and also the media’s interpretation which presumed Antioch were intent on suppressing young people’s Later, I happened to visit a blog entitled Den Of The Biting Beaver and the author has written several pieces on the subject of men’s sexual coercion and also the denial of women’s sexual autonomy.This is why so many men believe it is ridiculous having to actually request a woman’s permission before initiating any sexual touching.As Biting Beaver says, it is a man’s right and entitlement to initiate and control any sexual interaction, since society reinforces the belief that a man’s sexual desires is more valid and takes precedence over any woman’s.


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